i think i wanna put my gym membership on hold

and it doesn't mean I don't LOVE working out!! 

I should have stayed home and given myself a day off from working out today...but i went to crunch in a cranky mood...i did not attend a delightful class or anything of the sort. I did pull ups and dips and then decided i needed cardio and did 10 lame minutes of the stair machine and then said "f this" and danced for 25 minutes in a studio full of other people already. sigh. I'm glad i danced at least...

the gym itself bores me to tears and makes me feel edgy!! i need classes and stuff!!! meh!

Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Workout Date: 
Sun, 03/07/2010 (All day)


why pay for something you don't enjoy? if you like dancing and yoga (CLEARLY you do), better to spend your money on that! you can always come back if you miss it...

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it's true! but how to get through this feat without the pullup bars and dip bars?? hrm...i think if i put on hold it wont' go through anyway for a few weeks. 

and...i will miss the saunas and bathroom access! hahaha ;)

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