Equinox in My Socks

The beauty of the Jan. Plan is (was) that you could go to happy hour, and then still hit the gym at 8:45PM. Amazing! That's what I did (last) Thursday. I had forgotten my sneakers, so I did the elliptical in socks for 20-plus minutes, some of which involved watching The Office (subtitled). Getting off, I thought (again) that watching TV really compromises a workout. Yes, the time passes, but you end up not working nearly as hard, and certainly not clearing your brain.

From elliptical, I hit the mat to do push ups and situps in a (failed) attempt to catch up on my 1,000s feat. I ended up doing 250 situps and 125 pushups; but having lost count over the month of where I stood, I'm not sure where that put my total, and Ive decided not to give myself the feat....

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Thu, 02/11/2010 (All day)


i never realized it...but you're right. watching tv definitely negates the stress reduction part of the workout for me...maybe that's why i'd rather stare at a blank screen than have it on?

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knock em socks off! wowzers. i think i did stair mill in snow boots once.

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