Hot Yoga and Thinking About the Love Challenge Feats

So I took an hour long Hot Vinyasa (I think it was Vinyasa anyway; I still kind of suck at telling the differences between yoga styles) Yoga class tonight after work.  It was kind of a mixed bag.  Some things went really well (I managed to hold Crow for probably 3 or 4 seconds and I almost managed a decent King Pigeon), but some things sucked (my Crescent Moon was great on the right side...not so much on the left and for some reason I couldn't find my balance during Tree). was a much-needed class.

I've got a chiropractor's appointment on Monday to take a look at my shoulder.  I can almost guarantee it's a little out of socket.  We'll see though.  Either way, it'll be nice to be adjusted as I haven't been in probably close to a year and it's long overdue.

I haven't thought of how I'm going to accomplish all the feats for the Love Challenge, but here's what I've got so far:

Love Belly:  Nothing definitive yet, but I was thinking about maybe trying to throw a wine tasting party for a few of my friends.  It might actually be a beer tasting party (no domestics or lite brews allowed!) as me and most of my friends are poor-ass musicians.

Love Body:  There's a new acupuncture place that just opened up in East Nashville that has a special from this upcoming Monday until next Saturday where if you bring a friend and it's the first time there for at least one of you, both of you can get a 90 minute acupuncture treatment for $10 per person.  I've never been, but I hear it's amazing and I'm sure I can find somebody who'll want to try it out.  Also, if it goes well, the woman who runs the place has it set up on a sliding scale from $15-$35 and you can pay whatever you want in that range depending on what you can afford.  It sounds pretty cool.  Anyway, that plus the chiropractor on Monday should meet the time requirements for this one.  Honestly though, I would almost consider all the yoga I do as going under this feat as I almost always feel amazing afterwards.

Love Mind:  I'm planning on picking up and reading a book recommended to me by a friend, "Irresistible Revolution" by Shane Claiborne.  I've heard good things.

Love Soul:  As one of the worship leaders at my church I have to practice new material fairly often leading up to the Sunday mornings when I lead.  I think what I'm gonna do for this feat is lock the cats out of my bedroom, leave the TV and computer off, light a few candles and turn the lights off and just do like an hour of spontaneous praise and worship with my guitar and voice.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll write something in the process that could be used during service...

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Fri, 02/12/2010 (All day)


your tag - totally agree.

and vinyasa just means flow.  Its when you keep moving, rather than holding poses for long times.  Bikram you hold poses for minutes, vinyasa is the inhale-exhale movement with breath.

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Okay, then it was definitely Vinyasa because we kept moving throughout the whole thing.

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yep, vinyasa.  i don't find it important to know many distinctions - there are so many varieties of yogic teachings that i just go back when i like one.

hot vinyasa is awesome, and really really hard.

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