From Somewhere Over Binghamton

My start to the Eat. Sweat. Blog. Challenge has so far been underwhelming. My second day, and I'm already behind on my Blog! And don't get me started on picking out my Eat challenges; let's just say after last night I'm pretty much ineligible for any of the month feats. But at least I have a workout to enter from yesterday, and another from this morning, so I'm keeping up with the Sweat.

At least now I have a moment to catch up on the Blog as well. I'm currently a couple tens of thousands of feet above Binghamton, aboard a Virgin America flight to San Francisco. (Might I also add that an 8-day trip to San Francisco at the start of a month-long food-related challenge is not just unfortunate timing. I really think God hates me.)

So let's start with yesterday. I'll do a recap of today's workout in my next exciting post, because I want it to count separately. Thursday morning princessmichelle and I hit up Crunch for a thorough weight lifting workout. It's been a long time since I've been to the gym regularly, but now that my back is recovered and I seem to be getting over my cold, I think I'll enjoy getting back there. We'll see how well I keep it up in San Francisco.

We arrived at the gym a few minutes after that guy who hogs the squat rack for an hour, so rather than do squats we decided to do our leg workout along with our upper body workout on the weight machines. It's good to get the muscles working again. But I repeat myself.

As for Eat, I did begin my food log yesterday. Actually I started it about two years ago (though I've had a few stretches where I'm lax to update, including most of this summer).

I've been keeping a google spreadsheet tracking the food I eat and the calories and protein (best I can estimate). The latter helps me make sure I'm eating good quality food, not just reducing the quantity of crap, though I've been considering tracking some other numbers (vitamin C and fiber would probably round out the bunch).

I also have it calculate (based on my weight that morning) my calorie and protein requirements. Calories are based on the basal metabolic rate calculation ( with an activity multiplier (I use 130% even though my activity level probably justifies 155%, because this summer I put on a little pudge that I'd like to lose). Protein is just some formula I found on the internet; not sure if I trust it yet, something which I'm going to try to experiment with this month.

The goal is to get close to the target, not to go under it. To eat as much as I need, minus a small amount so that I'll lose weight. That keeps me healthy, maintains my muscles, and keeps me sane, unlike more extreme or starvation diets.

So the Flog feat is a no-brainer. A shame it's only a week; I'll certainly do it all month. But what went on the flog yesterday is not a promising start for any of the other feats. :) After a day on my best behavior (protein shake, 2 eggs with ham, carrots, celery, mixed fruits, and maybe a little too much coffee and sugar free Red Bull -- I decided to invite a friend to the Montauk Club in Brooklyn for dinner, where we start with cocktails, enjoyed duck liver pate crostini, followed by (for me) a crisp half chicken with chorizo and a glass of wine. My fried appreciates fine food and drink, so after the Montauk, we headed over to Weather Up (a speakeasy style bar on Vanderbilt owned by the same people as Little Branch in Manhattan), where I tried the American Trilogy, a boozy concoction based on Applejack and rye whiskey, and finally a quick stop at Sugarcane on Flatbush, where I ended the night with a Red Stripe. My best estimates for the day put me a few hundred calories over target, which isn't so bad.

Workout Date: 
Thu, 10/01/2009 (All day)