Funk, then Abs, at Greenwich Equinox

One thing I love about James's dance classes is that he really keeps you moving. None of this pausing and waxing on and on about points of style or how his day was. He'll give corrections on style and steps to the class, but he gets to the point quickly and then we get to dance again! and again! and again! It's great. It's not a cardio dance class--it's not spruced up 80's-style aerobics. It's just dance that also happens to challenge your cardio abilities.

After dance I stayed for abs. Again with the constant motion. I think his first set must have gone on for 12 minutes straight! It was superb. Med ball work, crunches, planks, and whatever that crazy exercise is where you lie on your back with your arms in a T and lower your legs from side to side. I hate leaving the gym at 9:30 pm, but he makes the awkward scheduling worth it.

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Tue, 08/25/2009 (All day)