Alannahbean battles the pink robots...

Two miles running on the treadmill - and running hard. 10" straight uphill on the treadmill, no holding on, 15% grade, 4.0 speed. 20" of intervals on the stepmill. 30" with awesome, booty-focused ("If you ain't squeezin', you ain't pleasin'!) trainer. Sweaty joyfulness at the idea of breakfast.

Her name is Yoshimi
she's a black belt in karate
working for the city
she has to discipline her body

'Cause she knows that
it's demanding
to defeat those evil machines
I know she can beat them

Workout Date: 
Thu, 06/25/2009 (All day)


Yoshimi, they don't believe me.
But you won't let those
Robots defeat me.

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