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The Yogini Workout

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Yogini Workout (via ellenbarrett.com)

I've become addicted to Ellen Barrett.  I discovered her on Netflix -- her Crunch pilates videos stream instantly and are terrific little workouts when you need a quick fix at home.  In addition to the good workouts, Ellen herself is incredibly personally appealing.  She has this unbeatable neighborly quality.  She's definitely toned and lovely, but she's not so plasticine that you can't imagine turning into her someday if you do enough of her videos.  When she says "great job," it seems like she really means it. 

I'm sufficiently into her that I actually BOUGHT her DVDs. Her new series, "The Studio by Ellen Barrett," includes "The Yogini Workout," "Slim Sculpt," and "Fat Burning Fusion."  Each video is $15, but based on "The Yogini Workout" that's a total steal.  

In "The Yogini Workout," Ellen takes yoga asanas and turns them into cardio and toning moves.  Rather than holding poses, you pump them. Rather than reaching and stretching, you reach, stretch, then circle your arms around to keep the blood flowing and your shoulder muscles burning.  I had to pause the video midway to towel down.  And after the workout, I was sore in all the right places -- the back of my thighs, my obliques, my upper back muscles.  Often I'll finish other workout videos and then think "what's next?" Not so with Ellen. After "The Yogini Workout" I was so beat I barely made it to the shower.

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You definitely need to share that video set with me!

Glad I'm not the only one slightly in love with Ellen Barrett, in that "older sister I want to be when I grow up way."

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