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Mixed Martial Arts Women and Workouts

Cagefighting is not just for men anymore. So blogs one Alexia Krause on Project Swole:

These inspiring ladies have broken open the doors to what used to be the “boy’s club” of MMA. They use the same techniques, MMA equipment, and exercises that most fighters would use.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, MMA will deliver a certain kind of extreme fitness, and no doubt prepare a woman to physically defend herself should that be her goal. (If you're fuzzy on the MMA lifestyle, please check out Caged, our Late Night Blog Novella on the subject.) But do we really want more people, of any gender, cage fighting? 



Carbs Have A Vendetta Against Women

It may be true that a drink or two will help us lose weight, ladies, but unfortunately, not all gender inequalities are in our favor. A study released today in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that women who eat High Glycemic Index foods are at greater risk of developing heart disease. By like, a lot.


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Mr. Mohawk's Internet Fitness Friday!

  1. Kicking Girls. First and foremost, don’t try this kicking practice technique at home, or at the gym, or with an MMA professional, or in front of a video camera, even with pads and parental consent. Kicking little girls is just wrong. 
  2. Fitness Dating. I recently tried to join fitness-singles.com while at work, but the picture of the woman smiling doing a plank pose and revealing a tunnel of cleavage made for an awkward coworker moment. I think I’ll stick to speed-dating yoga


You'd Sleep Better If You Were Asian, But You'd Also Have Less Sex

The National Sleep Foundation's latest survey is out, and it turns out poor sleep isn't an equal opportunity affliction. Research has long shown that women are worse off than men when it comes to inadequate sleep, but the latest data shows racial divides as well:

  • The award for worst sleep goes to: African-Americans. They only get, on average, 6 hours and 14 minutes of sleep a night. 
  • Best sleep: Asians. 84% report having a good night's sleep most night, and their mean sleep duration is almost 7 1/2 hours. 

Turns out sleep surveys also offer up interesting data about sex. One interesting factoid: Asians are getting it on less than any other group. So while they may sleep better, 10% of Blacks and Hispanics report having sex every night and 4% of Whites do, but a mere 1% of Asians report nightly sexual activity (via NPR).

How to Piss Off Women at the Gym

In a recent Men’s Health newsletter, I received a list of 30 “hot” things to say to a naked woman in bed. They include: “Good morning,” and “I’ll go make the coffee.” Also, “You sleep. I’ll go check on the baby,” and my personal favorite: “Hungry? Stay right here. I’ll go make a burrito.” Reading these, I worry about the state of romance in America, or at least among Men’s Health subscribers. In any event, the list inspired me to think about hot things to say to girls at the gym. After minutes of deliberation, I realized there aren’t any. So instead I made a short list of things not to say to women at the gym.


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Spa Porn: The Golden Door

It's an impromptu art show in a Greenpoint apartment. Among the crowd is a friend freshly back from a week at the Golden Door, a resort near San Diego in California. Work has been tough, she says, but she is glowing. She's a former investment banker, in her late 30s, and is choosing her words carefully to describe the resort experience: "You have to write about it," she says. "Deborah Szekeley invented the modern spa."


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Freedom Leg, Dreams as Exercise, and Happy States

  • Sprained ankle? Forget crutches. Go hands free with the new "Freedom Leg," which moves all the weight from your lower leg to your upper leg and a prosthetic brace.
  • New research says dreams may be your brain exercising, and lucid dreamers are like super athletes. 
  • You don't have to have a Wii to get Ubisoft's new "Your Shape" game. They just announced a PC version too.
  • But bad news for Wii, today the American Council on Exercise published the results of a two extensive studies of Wii Fit's effectiveness. Word: Better for you than regular video games, but otherwise underwhelming.  
  • Creatine powder sales can only take you so far. The New York Times reports that GNC is launching a new product line for women.
  • Kettlebell workouts are super, Beth Wells, a chef at Chez Panisse, tells the Wall Street Journal.
  • New report from the World Health Organization: For women age 15 - 49, HIV is the number one killer worldwide.
  • A new Gallup Index out today ranks the 50 states in terms of happiness. On top: Utah. Saddest state: West Virginia. 


First 10K Success!

What's the best way to stick it to dead old European explorers on their namesake day? Run the Tufts 10K for Women and bring in a personal best time!

Workout Date: 
Mon, 10/12/2009 (All day)

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Exercise vs. Breast Cancer

Women who exercise beat breast cancer far more often than those that don't. Sort of common sense, but the numbers from a new study (via Reuters) are surprising:

Among 1,231 women with breast cancer who were followed for a minimum of 8.3 years, those who obtained about 4 hours or more of weekly moderate-intensity recreational activity over their lifetime had a 44 percent lower risk of death from breast cancer


Sports Bras-They're not just for uni-boob anymore.

Ladies, all the ladies, gather round, help me out, lets talk about BOOBS! I mean who doesn’t like to talk about boobs? Boobs are the great equalizer, men love boobs, women love boobs, boobs are just plain lovable. Now, gentlemen, you can stop reading here and spend the rest of the time you would have taken reading this thinking about how great boobs are. Ladies, this one is for you.