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Divine Underwear är ledande inom vår bransch. Detta har genom erfarenheter och feedback från våra kunder gett oss en tydlig bild om hur kalsonger, trosor, kläder, underkläder och underwear ska levereras på bästa sätt.


So Wrong Thong

The Bike Seat With Built-In Underwear

Right after you finish running your commando half-marathon, hop on this bike... Introducing, the thong bike seat. Just in case you think we're seriously recommending undie-free biking, let me take this moment to remind you of the wonders of workout underpants. (via Jezebel)

Celebrity Fitness

Sara Rue's Half Marathon Hurts My Lady Parts

I tweet, I admit it, but you know what I don't tweet about? My underpants. I personally prefer to keep the public underpants updates to a minimum. You know who doesn't? Sara Rue, Jenny Craig Spokesperson du jour. Yes, I am now imagining Sara Rue's vagina, and it's not my fault, she totally brought it up.

Her new skinny self ran a half-marathon over the weekend, along with her personal trainer. After the race she tweeted about having forgotten her undies at home, and how running commando is the only way to go.


Los Angeles

Workout Wear

In Defense Of Underpants

It wasn't until very recently while overhearing some gym folk discuss undergarments that I realized not everyone wears undies at the gym. "Uhh, who wears panties to the gym?!" the woman said, and I suddenly felt like I was back in high school at that moment when I realized the jeans tide had turned some months back and my carpenter jeans were now advertising my terminal uncoolness. Maybe I was missing something awesome. Maybe I needed to try this new trend. So I did. This morning. 6 A.M. spin class. Commando. And here's why I plan never to do that again.


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Wonder Unders

Compress More Calories Out of Your Workout

Spanx, as Wanda Sykes says, suck your stuff in so you don't look like an amoeba. But not all "shapewear" is content to stop there. ShaToBu, the squeezy looking garment in the photo left, is designed with "seamless resistance bands" that supposedly make your muscles work harder and burn more calories when you're walking. And new research says they work, at least a little bit. In the study, conducted at the University of Virginia (but funded in part by a grant from ShaToBu's maker, mind you) women burned between 3% and 16% more calories while walking on a treadmill when they were wearing their ShaToBu compression undies. Whether a small boost in calorie expenditure is worth thigh bondage is another question. Plus, there are already so many good options on the market — suits of armor, balls and chains...

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Workout Wear

How Have You Gone All These Years Without Pantzies?

Perhaps you thought "panties" was the worst word in the English language. But I do believe I've found an even more mortifying word: "Pantzies," the name of HY-Jean Corp's new panty-liner product. (Note, for the moment, that I'm saying nothing about HY-Jean). Follow "Pantzies" with HY-Jean's tagline, "Like Candy for your Panties," and you may never stop wincing. I bring this up because the company specifically touts Pantzies as a workout panty-liner. They're made of "silky soft premium jersey knit fabric," they're quick drying, and they're specially treated to inhibit the growth of odor and bacteria. Up till now, you may have been fighting odor and bacteria by washing your underwear regularly. So outdated! Pantzies come in panty and thong shapes, but Hy-Jean suggests that they're an excellent "panty substitute" as well. In case you're not sold yet, a final note: They come in pink leopard print. Which isn't scary at all to see in your underwear...

Workout Wear

Second Skin Underwear You Can (Supposedly) Wear for a Week Straight

Outside Magazine's "Gear Junkie" loves Ibex Balance Boxer Shorts (there's a woman's version too). At $45, they're the pricey, but the tester explains that they're seamless, stretchy, and made of super-thin breathable merino wool, which helps regulate your body temperature and makes them perfect for backpacking or trail running. But here's the best part of his review:

"In southern Chile this winter on a wilderness trip, I wore the boxers for almost a week straight. This was extreme, but the shorts are made to be wearable for days between washings and usually will not stink."

Operative word: Usually.

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What's In Your Gym Bag?

Pedro Carries Certain Dri and Calvin Kleins

"What's in Your Gym Bag?" wants to know what you've got stashed in there. 

Who: Pedro, Dolce & Gabbana Sales Rep, spotted at Crunch Gym at 7:30 P.M. on Superbowl Sunday.

What's in your bag, Pedro?

New York

Link Love

Infrared Underwear, Supplements, Green Tea

  • Workout Wear: New "Brazilian wonder knickers" claim to reduce cellulite with infrared heat. Infrared anything in the general pelvic zone sounds terrifying, but if it gets rid of dimples, perhaps I'll risk cancer? Hard call. 
  • Pills: More trouble in supplement land. Yesterday Feds raided Florida-based IDS Sport, which sells supplements online. No word yet on what they took from the business, but hopefully they seized whatever this guy was on.  
  • Health Club Felons: If the massage therapist at your health club tells you he's a doctor and he needs to do "internal work" to get the massage to "hold" then starts massaging your vagina, you really shouldn't go back for more. This lesson brought to you by women at Lifetime Fitness in Salt Lake City, Utah.  
  • Civic Matters: It's official. Manhattan Beach has banned personal fitness equipment in city parks. Boot-campers everywhere, beware. Your dumbells and cones could be next.
  • Tabloid: Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford goes to the gym with his family. So wholesome.
  • Science: Green tea reduces your risk for heart disease and fatty liver disease, but a new study shows it might also weaken your bones. WTF? I've been guzzling the stuff like it's a health panacea. Now what?


Workout Gear

Cute Gym Bags

I schlep my sneakers and gym clothes around town in a Trader Joe's bag.  Not a brown paper bag -- one of the thin fabric ones they sell for 99 cents. But still.  It gets the job done, but it's not exactly doing anything for "my look." With its open top and total lack of pockets, it also does nothing to prevent strangers on the subway from seeing my workout socks and underwear or to keep my sweaty post-workout clothes sequestered from my makeup bag.  Which is why I've decided I need a new gym bag.  The contenders so far:

  • Matt and Nat's sleek Bauhaus bag in white. It's a little rich for my blood, at $225, but that's actually a 40% discount from the original $375. So even though it's expensive the bargain hunter in me feels excited.  And it's got pockets galore and a luxurious-looking light grey faux-suede lining. I think it's an understated diva of a bag. And maybe the whole understated diva thing would rub off on me.

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