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Evangelos KoutisOh to be Greek and living on the island of Ikaria, where people live to be 100, laughing, dancing, and, um, still having sex. The New York Times reports today on a study of Ikarian men between 65 and 100, noting that "80 percent of them claimed to have sex regularly, and a quarter of that self-reported group said they were doing so with “good duration” and “achievement.”

The dude in the picture is Evangelos Koutis, age 99. To paraphrase When Harry Met Sally, "I'll have what he's having."


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Ladies in the Gents Locker Room

If you haven’t heard, Ines Sainz is the latest in a string of female reporters to be sexually harassed while on the job. I can’t speak for what was said to her—because, well, I can’t find anything except she was “called out”—but since the verbal part of the incident took place in the Jets locker room, I think it raises a decent question: should female reporters be allowed in men’s locker rooms? I understand many post-game interviews take place there, but it’s also where athletes, you know, get naked. Thoughts after the jump.


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Public Service Announcement

Results of the Sex and Drugs Meta-Analysis

Researchers at Concordia University crunched numbers from more than 100 studies on the effects of recreational drugs on sexual performance. The list of drugs examined was long — cocaine, morphine, alcohol, caffeine, and a slew of others. And the verdict — not good. Almost across the board, drugs led to decreased sexual performance. With a few notable exceptions:


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cut out the coke & booze and drink more coffee, i guess?

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Do It For the Sex

New research shows that men who exercise are better in bed. No duh, you say. Well, turns out this is, in fact, a little studied area (or formally studied -- personal anecdotes don't count). Lots of studies have shown than obesity interferes with sexual performance, but not so many studies have shown that men of healthy weights reap sexual benefits from exercise. But Duke University Medical Center studied close to 200 men and found that men who were moderately active — and you get called moderately active if you take the equivalent of a brisk 30 minute walk four days a week — were two-thirds less likely to have sexual dysfunction than their less active counterparts. Ta da! Further proof that exercise is magic.

Too Hot for Social Workout's Front Page!

Yup, this post was DE-NIED. Other posts have been shut down in the past, all have been edited, and that's fine: it's part of the nature of paid writing. The perk is that I've been given the go ahead by HQ to post this here, so what you have below is an unedited, old-school Mohawk post about blowjobs and butt sex and other elements of effery. Crass, low class, cliched, impersonal...


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Miss USA Takes It Off

Before I hit puberty and became a feminist, (or at least occasionally outraged by the media's portrayal of the female body), I loved me some Miss USA Pageant: Earnest big-haired hopefuls strutting in swimsuits, promoting world peace, and waiting to be crowned queen in sequin-saturated prom dresses. For a while, life was perfect, but then I got a real girlfriend, and realized the whole thing was kind of a hokey. Well, check out today's news: Miss USA is suddenly getting hot, hot, hotter. Under the approving gaze of pageant owner Donald Trump, Miss USA contenders must now pose in lingerie if they wish to remain competitive. For kicks, check the contestants page. You wanna know how I feel about this?


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Let's Meet at the Gym and Then Have Good Sex

This tweet just in from Men's Health Magazine:

The 50 Best Men's Health Sex Tips Ever.  Now that it's getting warmer, we're a big fan of #31.

So, naturally, I clicked through.  And was quickly reminded of two things: 

  1. Men's Health is so wrong on so many levels.
  2. I am totally and completely fascinated by it. 

But I digress...Here's the important news kids:

Once you're done doing it on an overnight train, please keep Number 7 in the forefront of your mind:

Work out together. Think of it as fat-burning foreplay. It will raise her dopamine levels, easing her anxieties. Bonus: Your post-run sweat has androstadienone, a testosterone derivative that spikes her arousal when she smells it.

Might we all recall Oliver's recent yoga affair? One point Men's Health.

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Men Should Wear Leather and Do Inverted Rows

Hidden cleverly in the never-ending spam I receive from Men’s Health, are the occasional gems of male-targeted advice....

  • Over-working your abs injures your spine, and over-working your chest and arms will injure your upper back. (Sinners raise your hands!) The fix? An inverted row
  • Men should wear leather, and they should also try pinstripes and add a little heel to their shoes. It makes you look taller, and women go after height the way we (men) go after neck lines.
  • Also, lose the gut. Fat deposits in your stomach and butt are signs of low testosterone, which women unconsciously calculate for mate selection. (By the way, symmetrical men have more sexual partners and cause more orgasms in their partners.)
  • Finally, some key culinary secrets: Put your bacon in the oven; think of the broiler as an upside down grill; and shop on hump day. (Only 9% of people shop on Wednesday.) Oh yeah, and plunk a stainless steel nail in the thickest parts of your meat to cook them thoroughly....

Got all that fellas? 

Sexy is Healthy

Brazilian Cure for High Blood Pressure: Sex

This may or may not come as a surprise, but Brazil has high blood pressure. The solution? More cardiovascular exercise, advises Jose Temprano, the country's health minister, AND more sex,"with protection obviously." The HuffPo has the story of Mr. Temprano's pronouncements, noting that the incidence of high blood pressure in Brazil jumped to 24.4 percent in 2009. Where to go with this one? Well, how about simply noting that the incidence of high blood pressure in the U.S. actually hit 30.6% in 2009. Maybe if Americans had as much sex as Brazilians (and also learned the samba) our rate would drop six points? Don't expect to get the sex-as-cardio counsel from Kathleen Sebelius, current U.S. Secretary of Health, any time soon, however.

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Mohawk’s Got the Rants

Maybe I’m channeling msh258 here, but something about today seems like it deserves a rant or two. Lo and behold, I refresh my Yahoo news page and read this lovely article about new Wisconsin legislation that’ll slap a 10k fine and some jail time on health teachers if they teach kids about contraceptives because a) it’s illegal to have sex if you’re a minor in Wisconsin (HA!) and b) knowing how to have safe sex will “contribute to the delinquency of a minor.”


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I should prob stay "grounded" and just stay jealous-i'll let you ..." More comments...