The Teen Girl Gym Rat Phenomenon

Teen girls are taking up weight lifting in ever increasing numbers, reports a new study, (especially the college-bound junior athlete set) and one result is that they're sustaining an increasing number of gym injuries. Teen boys often injure themselves by moving up to heavy weights too quickly. Girls are more likely to suffer sprains and crushed fingers. In case you need a reminder of why it's really nice to be past puberty, one personal trainer who works with teens sums up the situation: "It's hard to lift properly when your body is changing from month to month." Gosh, it's good to be old. 


Family Gym Memberships Become New Battlefront

The Tom Landry Fitness Center in Dallas, Texas, a facility owned by the Baylor University Medical Center, is making headlines for refusing to grant a same-sex couple a family membership. “We can’t put him on as a spouse if they’re not a married couple,” said the director of the fitness center. “It goes directly with the state law of Texas on what defines a marriage.” A Dallas attorney is arguing that it may also go against the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance. Plus, he adds, "it’s petty, [and] it doesn’t make good business sense." Area LGBT activists are calling for a boycott of the gym. 

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Yoga Tax

Yogis March on Washington D.C.

This morning, yogis upset over a proposed D.C. tax on health club memberships, which would affect yoga studios, got together for some rousing Protest Yoga in Freedom Plaza. An email to recruit yogi protestors announced: "We will be wearing BRIGHT COLORS, doing GUERILLA YOGA, and holding SIGNS with cheeky sayings." Based on this morning's event, guerrilla yoga apparently means yoga close to traffic, and "Money Doesn't Grow on Tree Pose" apparently counts for cheeky in D.C. 

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Administration Aims to Loosen the Stroke Belt With the "U.S. National Physical Activity Plan"

There's the Bible Belt, the Jell-O Belt, and the Beer Belly of America. But now health experts have dubbed a region of the Southeast with the much less fun moniker the "Stroke Belt," and a new study in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine shows that kids in living in the Stroke Belt are significantly heavier than kids in any other part of the country. Case in point, 45% of 10- to 17-year-olds in Mississippi were overweight in 2007. But the Obama Administration, the American Heart Association, and a whole bunch of other folks launched a plan on Monday they're hoping will change things. 



Laughter Yoga When Real Life Laughs Are Thin

Laughter Yoga, old news. But the new news is what it's now being used for. The latest laughter yoga classes are specifically targeted at cancer patients. Cancer survivor and laughter yoga instructor Nira Berry tells the Washington Post that she became a believer after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. "When I was going though treatment, I noticed that I just felt better after having a good laugh," she says. Today, she offers classes for Washington-area cancer patients, and, unless you have a robot heart, The Washington Post photo slideshow of her class will make you smile.


All You Need is Five Minutes of Green

Apparently, there are loads of studies showing that outdoor exercise boosts mood and reduces our risk of mental illness, but a new study published over the weekend shows that even the smallest doses of outdoor exercise work wonders. In fact, all it takes is five minutes. While benefits don't stop accruing after a few minutes, the study which looked at more than 1,200 people of difference ages, genders, and mental health statuses from around the UK found that the largest positive effects on self-esteem came from just five minutes of activity in the great outdoors. 


You Can Live Forever If You Move to Iceland

Risk of death from volcanic ash inhalation aside, Iceland, it turns out, is the healthiest place in the world for men. For women, it's Cyprus. In a study published Friday in the medical journal Lancet, researchers examined forty years of data to calculate the risk of death for individuals 15 - 59. At 49th for women and 45th for men, the U.S. ranked behind all of Western Europe as well as Peru and Libya. If Iceland and Cyprus don't do it for you, other top ten countries include Greece, Sweden and Australia. 


Angry Bikers to Descend on White House

Seen this morning on Houston Street, along the route of Obama's motorcade to Cooper Union: NYPD officers unceremoniously clipping bike locks and loading bikes into the back of a truck to be hauled away. Ostensible explanation: Secret bike pipe bombs. All the bike owners who hadn't actually packed their bikes with explosives, probably not so happy. Though maybe as part of "Let's Move," Michelle will be sending them each a new, pimped out ride. (via Llaves via Gothamist via This is FYF). 

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His 365 Pound Weight Loss Journey Started With a Single Yoga Class

Larry Sherman of Royal Oaks, Michigan weighed 540 pounds when he took his first class at an area yoga studio. But the class was his turning point. The instructor "came over and put her hand on my back, you know, and on my heart," he tells Detroit local news, noting that he'd rarely been touched by anyone outside of his family in 17 years. He became a regular at the studio, and three and a half years later he's lost 365 pounds. "I feel like a child released on the playground," he says. The video, which is yoga preachy but still tells the story of a pretty amazing journey, after the jump. 



Yoga and Ballroom Forever

"I'm not going to give up. I'm going to dance and do yoga for as long as I live."

Tao Porchon-Lynch, a 91-year-old yoga teacher and competitive ballroom dancer in White Plains, NY (via ItsAllYogaBaby).

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