ASICS Top Shoe Brand of Elite Triathletes and Stick with the Folk Cures

  • Elite triathletes wear Asics. It's true. made a list of the running shoes worns by racers at the recent Xterra World Championships in Maui, and 25% wore Asics. Put another way, Asics tripled the count of the next brand, Adidas. Just FYI. 
  • Thoughtful people in San Francisco are still absorbing the sweat lodge deaths. There's no fast-tracking enlightenment, they say. 
  • New York Magazine reports that crazy parents are giving their kids human growth hormone to keep them from being short. Perhaps there should be no fast tracking growth either.
  • Nintendo Wii sales have been falling so Nintendo has slashed the price of units. They're also making them in more colors. And there are rumors streaming Wii is coming to Netflix.
  • The Bike Snob goes on another hilarious rant, suggesting that Candadian bike company Guru has taken high performance bicycle marketing to new levels of pretentious absurdity.
  • New studies show that the sky-rocketing rate of new HIV/AIDS cases among black women is not due to black men on the "down-low" a.k.a., secretly sleeping with men. 
  • NPR discusses more of the skepticism around new obesity drugs.
  •  Aloe vera gel really does help wounds heal faster, reports the Times.
  • And Turmeric really does kill cancer cells, reports the BBC. Go folk cures!
  • Kevin Federline is going to be on the upcoming season of Celebrity Fit Club, and as part of the weight-loss regimen VH-1 put him in therapy.
  • Michelle Obama, sporting First Lady, loves the Phillies. She's offered to host the team and their significant others at the White House should they win the World Series.
  • Lance Armstrong, celebrity marathoner, is back. Lance and a bunch of others will gabbing it up on a panel tonight at the Times Center in Manhattan. 48 hours 'til kick off...
  • Alt.Halloween workout: Two NYC CrossFit shops are putting on a Halloween Zombie Run tomorrow: From Brooklyn to Long Island City, in costume. Non-members welcome, but recommended only for hardcore fitness enthusiasts, for whom running in a zombie outfit across the grim Newtown Creek, with people who count dips by the dozen, holds appeal.


More Bikers, Less Accidents and Andre Agassi, Meth-Head

  • We're in the middle of a bike rennaissance: More racks, more bike lanes, more bikers. And, you might fear, more accidents too. Not so! To the contrary, says the Times, the more bikes on the road, the more motorists adapt, and odds of accidents go down. Fabulous news.
  • In his new book, Andre Agassi admits to using crystal meth back in 1997. Actually, he failed a drug test that year, his worst on the tour, but told the authorities his use was accidental, and they ignored the issue. In fact, Agassi was snorting away on a coffee table with his druggie assistant "Slim." Now he's come clean about the incident, but maintains it was a one time thing....
  • The NFL is offering aid to ex-players suffering from memory disorders. Though the league still does not officially acknowledge there's a link between repetative blows to the head and memory trouble later in life.
  • Counter-intuitive but true: A new study shows that living near restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and even fast food restaurants actually lowers your risk for obesity. It's when you live more than half a mile from any of the above that you're in trouble. My read of the data: Suburbs make you fat.
  • New research shows that chronic disruption of circadian rhythms (a.k.a. sleep cycle) leads to weight gain, impulsivity, and slow thinking. Hey, get your sleep discipline here!
  • New research also shows crushing computer-simulated cigarettes helps people break free of tobacco addiction in real life. Which makes you wonder, what else could we virtually crush?


The Pill and iPods will Kill You. Mararthon Running Will Not.

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Smart Choices Definitively Dumb and Clean Smells Make Us Better People


Nightmares, Drinking Advice, and Boxing the Kardashians

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Michelle Hoops, Womb Transplants, and the Cookie Diet

  • Don't be a tough guy in the steam room. Three people died at a "Spiritual Warrior Retreat" held by New Age self-help guru James Arthur Ray. Yesterday, the first retreat participant to speak publicly told the AP that Ray chided those who wanted to leave, calling them spiritually weak.  
  • The First Lady hula-hooped and did double dutch with school children on the White House Lawn yesterday as part of a "healthy kids fair." Apparently she was crap at double-dutch, but rocked the hula hoop.
  • Meanwhile, NPR says Obama's health-conscious FDA is getting serious about putting legit nutritional guidance on food packaging. We sort of thought the industry's Smart Choices scheme was lacking in teeth.
  • Not that the Cookie Diet isn't gaining popularity. The Times reports made $12 million in 2008. That's a lot of people paying $56/week for diet cookies.
  • Also in the Times also: Ultramarathoners are getting their toenails surgically removed.
  • And doctors have successfully carried out womb transplants in rabbits. Human womb transplants coming soon.  
  • For a healthy gut, nutrition researchers say supplements aren't as good as real vitamins from food. So eat. 
  • Calling all lifeguards. Gizmodo reports that lifeguard towers have taken a turn to the swanky. 

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Bionic Eyes and Republican Testosterone Levels

  • The New York Times questions the science behind barefoot running, but they admit it's lots of fun either way. They've said as much before. The Times is also wondering whether marathon running is safe. Did you know three people died in the Detroit marathon last weekend?
  • A new study shows that men who voted for McCain in the 2008 election suffered an immediate drop in testosterone. Obama voters held steady.
  • A group of scientists are calling Body Mass Index (BMI) into question as a measurement for healthy weight. They suggest a more sophisticated "Body Composition Analysis" (BCA) that factors in location and distribution of body fat. Which reminds me of my favorite Haruki Murakami quote: "There must be as many paths of human fat as there are ways of human death."
  • Philips just introduced a Fitbit competitor. Like Fitbit, DirectLife monitors your movements and beams them to your computer for tracking, but the people at endgadget think DirectLife might be a little better
  • Playlist junkies, get excited. Rumors are rampant that Google is about to launch a new audio/download service.
  • NPR reports that doctors have found a way to build bionic retinas to cure blindness. They've also found a way to transplant stem cells into the retina to repair disease-damaged eyes. Totally amazing.


Attention Tulsa: Drink Mangosteen Juice

  • Self Magazine announced its annual ranking of the "100 Healthiest Places for Women" today. The top city is Burlington, VT. Why? 40% more Ob/Gyns, and six times as many food co-ops than the average town. (New town slogan: "Burlington! Organic veggies and gynecologists!") Bottom of the list was Tulsa, OK. Hard to find free range chickens in Oklahoma. FYI, the city with the most STDs is Memphis, Tennessee. Don't sleep with your Graceland tour guide.
  • A new study shows that tropical mangosteen juice can help stave off diabetes and heart disease in obese patients, thanks to its dramatic anti-inflammatory properties. So even if you do live in Tulsa, there's still hope. And of course you could also move, or start working out. 
  • Honda is launching a new bicycle simulator in Japan, aimed at teaching kids to dodge traffic before letting them loose with real bikes. Looks way cooler than that wussy Wii bike
  • The NFL is now requiring players to pass a "Financial Fitness" test. As part of the measure, the league is offering accompanying financial fitness courses with the goal of keeping players from burning through cash and blowing everything on dog fights. 
  • Those of us already watching our wallets are spending less on fitness than at any time during the last twenty years, Reuters reports. But the good news is we're still working out just as much. Good for us.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle says headstand is like an insta face-lift. Reminder: headstand also free.
  • In case you didn't know, Jennifer Hudson had a baby in August. To get back to pre-baby weight, she tells Access Hollywood she's walking about an hour every night. So reasonable and non-Kardashian

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More Exercise, Medical Dope, and Usain Bolt Will Castle Your Stumps

  • Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, is apparently a great cricket player, too. I don't know what any of these terms mean, but the BBC reports he "smashed" the captain of the West Indies team, Chris Gayle, "for six" before "clean bowling" him. The crowd also loved it when he "castled Gayle's stumps." 
  • The 2010 Olympic Medals are made with materials from recycled circuit boards. 
  • A new study shows that good-looking people are more trusting, at least when it comes to face-to-face interactions. 
  • New pot policy coming down the pipes today. Bush-era law enforcement policy insisted on going after medical marijuana smokers and suppliers regardless of state policies sanctioning their activities. The new Obama policy says let the state-approved smokers be.  
  • 16-year-old Jessica Watson of Australia is currently sailing around the world all by herself on a pink yacht called "Ella's Pink Lady." If she makes it, not that I'm being pessimistic, she'd be the youngest solo circumnavigator. She's trying to beat a British 17-year old who just set the record. This has the potential to get out of hand, though. A Dutch 13-year-old is petitioning the state to be allowed to miss two years of school for her own solo sail around the world. 
  • A new childrens' book, Why We Don't Eat Meat, accurately depicts factory farming and leaves some adults wondering if the truth isn't a little much for single-digit readers. Pigs in feed lots with open sores.... What ever happened to Charlotte's Web?
  • In bad news, a new study from the Jefferson Headache Center shows that migraine sufferers get worse hangover headaches
  • Related, if only anatomically: a study out of Duke shows that exercise helps mood and memory after whole-brain radiation. I hope no one reading this is having whole-brain radiation anytime soon, but my point is: Score another one for exercise.


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