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The Adidas miCoach vs. Nike+ Showdown

Gizmodo thinks the Adidas miCoach is better than the Nike+.  Highlights of their review:

  • "Setting up a miCoach account, charging the pacer unit, and getting everything synced barely takes any time."
  • "Unlike Nike+ which integrates into specific music players, miCoach can work with any device-including my ol' Sony MD Walkman."
  • "Cheesy as it sounds, Adidas got it right with their miCoach website."

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The Talking Fitness Tracker

Running can be a lonely workout, which, in fact, is part of the appeal. But a little encouragement along the way certainly couldn't hurt. Pacing playlists are tried and true, but they don't actually talk to you. Enter the Adidas miCoach fitness tracker. It tracks your pace and heart rate as you run, and then a little robot voice tells you to go faster or slower. You can plug the miCoach into your iPod, and the voice will just insert itself right over Lady Gaga. The miCoach pacer is $140 and the heart rate monitor is $70, so pricier than the $30 Nike + tracker. But it does all the same online tracking as other devices, plus has the voice, so you just have to decide if an automaton in your ear is worth a hundred something bucks to you. 


erikka said "

The talking part of several iphone running apps is my least favorite ..." More comments...