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Maple Syrup Delicious, Also Good for You

You know how high-fructose corn syrup basically embodies all evil, or at least makes you extra fat and scars your liver? Maple syrup is the angelic sweetener on the other shoulder. It's got calories, sure, but empty calories they're not. Long known to be packed with packed with antioxidants, zinc, thiamine and calcium, there's research out this week announcing 13 new health-beneficial compounds previously undiscovered in maple syrup. Wild eaters, this stuff is from trees! You could dump it on pancakes or use it to whip up Master Cleanse juice, but there are much better uses. Five fab maple syrup recipes after the jump. 


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Love maple syrup on everything which is relatively dangerous... but ..." More comments...

Practical Eating

Forty Minute Hot Weather Sweet Potato

It's a drippy, slidey, grimy, gross-y day of late August, and my apartment is hotter than dog's breath. The last thing I want to do when I get home at night is to turn on the stove. But there's only so much raw food a gal can eat. I turn to my local bodega for answers. Waxy cukes, cans of beef chili, brown bananas: It all turns my tummy. Then I spot a barrel of sweet potatoes. Hmm, just crazy enough to work. Back home, I kick the stove up to 400, and toss in the tuber. While it cooks, I stand naked in front of the fan crying blue mascara tears. Somewhere, a hot cat must be howling. Twenty-five minutes later, I grab my potato from the oven, and toss it directly into the fridge. In ten minutes that potato  is cooled to a tolerable warm, and I take it out of the fridge, slice it into sections, and place on a plate. Next, I squeeze a slice of lemon over the top, add some sea salt, and a dash of maple syrup. I eat sitting by the window, looking out over the fire escape, and a sliver of moon rising over the city. Mmmm.



In case my good intentions don't pan out...

I did complete YogAmazing's weight-loss flow podcast before showering, to make sure I got a workout in.

Running, hula-hooping, shopping, and gardening have not happened yet, but hopefully later. Like, after I fry eggs on the sidewalk. Except I'm out of eggs, because instead of doing all these things I made pancakes.

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Sun, 07/26/2009 (All day)