June's Shape: Trade Brownies for Bosu Balls

A woman's butt is her sexiest body part, according to 40% of guys. Kim Kardashian was 10 when she stared developing breasts. "I remember crying in the bathtub. I took a washcloth, made it really hot, put it over my chest, and prayed, 'please don't let them grown any bigger!'" Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunblock Spray SPF 85 is the best sunscreen for athletes. Beer contains more silicon, a mineral that safeguards bones, than fruits and vegetables. If you think exercise makes you happy, you'll work out a lot more than if you just think it makes you healthy. Three Musketeers Truffle Crisp bars have 90 fewer calories than the original Three Musketeers bars. Office brownies are making you fat. Solution: Hearty breakfast at home and packing protein filled mini-meals with you to work. One leg squats and dips on a bosu ball make quick work of jiggly spots so you can be slim and sleek in no time. Burpees and walking lunges will banish dimples in just four weeks. Fight cellulite at every meal by eating fruit and veggies first, then the protein, then the carbs. When Victoria's Secret model Allesandra Ambrosio feels puffy, she drinks watermelon juice. 


Self-Control More Contagious Than H1N1

Self-control is so contagious that just seeing the name of someone with either good or bad self-control flash on a screen for 10 milliseconds will influence your behavior. Researchers at the University of Georgia carried out four related studies on self-control Jillian Michaels and found that thinking about, writing about, being in a room with, or even just subliminal flashes of the name of someone with good or bad self-control Barack Obama all exerted strong influence on study participants' behavior across a wide range of behaviors Peter Orszag. From how long participants could hold a hand grip to what they chose to eat The Illinois State Budget, the self-control of the other person written about, thought about, flashed, etc. had a major impact Steven R. Covey. Practical application: Read more about your fellow New Year's Editions Challengers workouts and less about the Kardashians.

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Pink Gloves, Super Squats, and Cookie Diet Lawsuits

  • What's the workout of the decade? Lots of people say pole dancing. Hamilton Nolan of Gawker says Super Squats
  • The Cookie Diet people are suing Kim Kardashian for her derogatory tweets about their diet.
  • Two college football players started Pink Gloves Boxing — no contact, no ring, all women, pink gloves — in Anaconda, Montana, reports NPR, and it's slowly creeping to gyms around the country.
  • You only need about twenty minutes of exercise a week to see benefits in your mental health, reports the New York Times. To stave off early death, walking two and a half hours a week (or similar cardiovascular exercise) should do the trick. 
  • New research shows that despite the claims of Ginko biloba supplement makers, the herbal treatment doesn't do anything to slow cognitive decline.


Nightmares, Drinking Advice, and Boxing the Kardashians

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Celebrity Fitness

The Kardashian Cleanse

Kim and Khloe Kardashian, latter day Hilton sisters, want to cleanse your body (and empty your pockets). Khloe attributes her recent 20 pound weight loss to their new lemonade cleanse, Quick Trim (we're surprised the classy ladies didn't opt for Kwik Kut or Kardashian Kleanse).  That, and her otherwise stellar diet: "I eat whatever I want until noon," she says. "From noon on, I watch what I eat. I only drink champagne. 100 calories in a glass, and I'm good." Not sure where to start with this. Celebrity fitness DVDs were one thing -- exasperating, perhaps, but not really harmful. Celebrity cleanses, however, this is a much darker turn of events....

In other distressing celebrity body news, Sienna Miller claims she's too lazy to workout despite previous reports that she likes to dance it off. And Brendan Fraser has gotten awfully "cuddly" lately.  Though he's been cited carrying his gym bag around town so here's hoping a turnaround is on it's way.  

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