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Snookie Does Yoga, Refuses To Remove Shoes

Apparently, posing for yoga photos is the hot new thing for reality TV stars. Heidi Montag did it (while the yoga was minimal, the breast shots were not). Kim Kardashian did a yoga photo shoot in her backyard (backyard is not a euphemism. I mean, in the actual backyard of her actual house). And now...Snookie is in on the game. Low cut top, check. Awkward looking poses, check. Black yoga sneakers, check. Wait? Black yoga sneakers? Yes. Apparently Snookie does yoga with shoes on. 

Workout Wear

What You Should—And Shouldn't—Wear To The Gym, According to GQ

The folks at GQ gave the dudes of "Jersey Shore" a gym attire makeover. Full-size before and after pictures after the jump. Of note, shiny silver lamé basketball short manpris are (shockingly!) not GQ approved. Apparently, upgrading your gym wardrobe can also prevent awkward pointing at the camera behavior.



went to yoga, then basically undid my hard work by getting drunk and watching jersey shore.  fist pumps!

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Thu, 09/09/2010 (All day)

Workout DVDs

The Situation Workout DVD Coming Soon To Your Stocking

If "The Situation's" two-minute workout video left you wanting more, you're in luck. Mike Sorrentino's 50-minute workout video hits stores this holiday season. Apparently, a trainer named Jon ‘The Unit’ Manfe consulted on the video, so it's, like, official. 

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Ringing Endorsement for Yoga from JWoww of The Jersey Shore

Last we checked in with JWoww, she was wearing a not-exactly-supportive tube top on a treadmill in Miami. Now, the application form she filled out back when she was auditioning for "Jersey Shore" has made it to the web. New revelations: JWoww does yoga. Or wait, let's let her say it in her own words:

  • Q: "Do you have any other jobs/hobbies?" 
  • A: "Yoga, movies, owning two businesses, bartending at cigar lounge, I run s**t." 

Also of note should you ever hope to be cast in a reality TV Show, two telling bullet points from the producer's comments: "Cut off BF [Boyfriend's] fingers with a sword" followed immediately by "A+" (via Yoga Dork)

Things That Are Gross

The Situation Chews Special Pills Before Every Workout

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from Jersey Shore is the new official face of NoX Edge" chewable tablets, which he apparently chews before every workout to dilate his blood vessels and load him up with nitric oxide. In the words of the tablet maker GNC,  all that nitric oxide leads to a "perpetually pumped-up physique." Which sounds less like a condition to encourage and more like a disorder doctors might seek to cure.


The Situation Workout

Yes, it's Vitamin Water ad, but it's also a vaguely amusing/embarrassing workout led by "The Situation" from Jersey Shore, and there's a part in the middle where he gets hit in the abs with a bat that's pretty funny.  

Via (Celebuzz)

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The Jersey Shore Super Support Sports Bra

— Jenni "J-Woww" Farley of Jersey Shore, splendidly bedecked at the gym in Miami.

Cause when you're running on a treadmill, a tube top is all the support you...if you have fake boobs.

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