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How Tracy Helped Gwyneth Become Pepper

Old school, mega, fitness celebrity jackpot: Gwyneth publishes her Pepper Potts workout and diet routine. (It's Ironman 2 day, all day!) Lurking behind the scenes in high lipgloss is Tracy Anderson, whose fitness videos are looking evermore expensive. Check out the layered mesh tanktop Tracy wears in sultry leg workout teaser vid which apparently gave Gwyneth the gams heard around the world. More importantly, Gwyneth reveals she has a post workout kale juice habit! Note: If Gwyneth does it, your friends can't laugh at you! And file away also the fact that Gwynnie consumes various powders ("Move" and "Nourish") created by celebrity nutritionist Dr. Alejandro Junger in her Almond milk breakfast shake. Ah, the incestuous world of the fiterati: Earnest reveal of effective supplement, or calculated product placement, or both?

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Celebrity Fitness

The Gwyneth Paltrow Secret to Weight Gain

Gwyneth Paltrow had to gain ten pounds for her role in the forthcoming Love Don't Let Me Down, and her trainer Tracy Anderson is out in the press sharing the big secret of how she did it. "She pigged out," says Anderson, and went from working out six days a week to working out three days a week. And that, friends, is the big secret. (via Fit Sugar)

Department of Indulgence

Forget Dessert, Save Your Calories for Incredibly High-Alchol Beer

It seems the case against high fructose corn syrup isn't all clear cut. Marion Nestle, a highly respected nutrition author and proponent of a whole food diet, disputes the latest study about corn syrup making you fatter than sugar. Hm, maybe the answer is just to cut down on all forms of sugar and find alternative means of indulgence. One possibility, the new "Sink the Bismarck" Scottish beer, with 41% alcohol by volume. FYI, that's like eight times as alcoholic as a Bud.


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Media Filter

The Gwyneth Paltrow Jamie Oliver Love Affair

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Jamie Oliver: "Sigh. Jamie Oliver. I love Jamie Oliver. I love his food, I love his books, I love his app, I love the mission he is on..." Thus begins Gywneth's intro to this week's GOOP newsletter. The love-fest continues throughout the Jamie Oliver interview, which isn't on GOOP's website yet, but should be any minute now. Till a link is available, Update: Jamie is now all over Gwyneth('s website). Here are the highlights: 

  • Jamie on communal meals: "I’ve been in many homes with no kitchen table at all. I know that’s got nothing to do with health directly, but it means there’s no sitting down together, no conversation, no family meals."
  • Jamie on processed food: "Forty years ago we ate mostly fresh, local food, and we knew where that food was coming from. But then fast and heavily processed foods crept in and totally changed our palettes and food businesses. And ultimately, this food is killing us."
  • Gwyneth on Jamie: "What is it like being so brilliant and so cute all at the same time?"
  • Jamie blushes back: "Ahhh! Bless you Gwyneth." 

Doting Gwyneth also included an inspiring Jamie video, which you can view after the jump. 


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Celebrity Diets

Sweet Relief, Gwyneth Eats Fried Chicken and Drinks Whiskey

My favorite chameleon foodie is changing colors again. She's traveled Spain, gone macrobiotic, and detoxed with gusto. But now Gwyneth has discovered Southern Fried Chicken. It seems during a recent stay in Nashville, Gwyneth went on a quest for the best Southern food, and came back with a list of highly recommended fried foods and whiskey drinks. It's nice to know she is, in fact, human.  I'm sure it surprised Mario Batali.

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Hot Tickets: Wanderlust Previews and Eddie Stern at the Urban Zen Foundation

It's rainy in New York — maybe also where you are? — and  we all wish we were partying like rock stars in Austin at South by Southwest. Whatevs. New York yogis have at least two promising events to look forward to....

Starting this Wednesday evening, Eddie Stern will teach a weekly, led Astanga yoga class at Donna Karan's Urban Zen Center. Who's Eddie, and so what? Oh, grasshopper. In New York, Eddie is perhaps the staunchest keeper of the Ashtanga yoga flame, the designated representative of Ashtanga's founder, the late Sri Pattabhi Jois. Full cultural significance detailed after the jump, but suffice to say this is opening Wednesday, and it should be an interesting scene. Price of admission $20. 

Separate and unrelated: On Saturday, the Wanderlust crowd (please recall the annual Yoga Rock Festival in Lake Tahoe) are hosting a pre-festival, momentum gathering bash at Kula Yoga Project. Two hours of "tag team vinyasa classes" with the ever-popular Elena Brower and Schuyler Grant, among others, backed by a crowd of yogi musicians. Naturally, class will be followed by a game of late night Extreme Twister. It's kind of pricey at $40, but can you really price late night Extreme Twister? Also, you get in free if you buy a Wanderlust ticket, and some of the proceeds go to cool charities.


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Yoga Culture

The Greenwich-Hamptons-Manhattan Yoga Circuit

Gina Norman and Stan Woodman taught yoga in Manhattan for a decade, spent a few years teaching both in-season and off-season in the Hamptons, then transitioned to Greenwich where they founded Kaia Yoga. "When we were transitioning," Stan says, "There were some days when I would teach privates in each place." In part, because some of their clients had houses in the Hamptons, apartments in the city, and houses in Greenwich. So, we wondered, is there some sort of ritzy yoga triangle with ritzy yoga culture we need to know about?


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Food Porn

Give It to Me Raw

Here's the latest addition for your blogroll: Give It to Me Raw, a growing web community of raw foodies, and/or all those with raw food tendencies, whether Paleo, Vegan, or (our latest fave), "feral" eaters. Yes, you may be a cheeseburger diehard, and prefer your milk homogenized, but the raw foodies are a rich trove of curiosity and smarts and fearless experimentation. If you're looking for a tip on what juicer to get (Vitamix!) or how a raw food diet can cure you of serious intestinal problems (diverticulitis!), check these guys out. 

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Gwyneth's Tracy Anderson Bootleg Video

Last we checked in with Tracy Anderson, she was getting sued by her ex husband and breaking up with Madonna. Well, today begins the counter-offensive, courtesy of Gwyneth, who has rallied a crew of celebrity buddies — Courtney Cox, Donna Karan, and Kristen Davis, among others — to give Tracy testimonials in the latest issue of Goop. Gwyneth also includes the following down-homey video of Tracy demonstrating a Tracy workout; which workout, G. says, she "did every day preparing for Iron Man," and which apparently solved her "batwing problem." TMI?! The workout looks sort of sexy and fun. It also looks like Tracy is desperately trying to communicate, via erratic arm waving, with a visiting space alien. Given that she's got mirrors on all sides, that may not be far from the truth. Oh snap!

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Calm Your Mind

Gwyneth Vows to Meditate

Stick around the "wellness" world long enough, the world of athletes, nutrititonists, yogis, and spa-crazy bohemians, and you'll start to hear about meditation. That's not surprising, what's surprising is how many people — very different sorts of people — will say the same thing: "It changed my life." Several years ago, amazed at all the people I knew disappearing on ten day silent meditation retreats, I wrote a story for Fortune magazine on big time CEOs who mediate. (You'd be surprised who does!) Well, to the growing list, add Gwyneth Paltrow, who vows in her latest newsletter to pick up the habit. "My brain drives me mental," she writes. "I am going to start. Tomorrow."


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