The Sting and Trudie Show

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler are suddenly everywhere. Last week they celebrated the 200th birthday of Robert Schumann by reading the composer's correspondence with his also-a-brilliant-composer wife, Clara Wieck Schumann, accompanied by a six person classical ensemble. THIS week they've given an EXCLUSIVE joint interview to Yoga Journal in which they say they meditate and do lot's of yoga. This interview may have something to do with the fact that Trudie has just released a new yoga DVD, with Sting providing musical backing. Rad! (Seeking reviewers....) If you were hoping for salacious tidbits about their sex life in this interview, calm down. Here's the hottest part....


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How Tracy Helped Gwyneth Become Pepper

Old school, mega, fitness celebrity jackpot: Gwyneth publishes her Pepper Potts workout and diet routine. (It's Ironman 2 day, all day!) Lurking behind the scenes in high lipgloss is Tracy Anderson, whose fitness videos are looking evermore expensive. Check out the layered mesh tanktop Tracy wears in sultry leg workout teaser vid which apparently gave Gwyneth the gams heard around the world. More importantly, Gwyneth reveals she has a post workout kale juice habit! Note: If Gwyneth does it, your friends can't laugh at you! And file away also the fact that Gwynnie consumes various powders ("Move" and "Nourish") created by celebrity nutritionist Dr. Alejandro Junger in her Almond milk breakfast shake. Ah, the incestuous world of the fiterati: Earnest reveal of effective supplement, or calculated product placement, or both?

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Hot Tickets: Wanderlust Previews and Eddie Stern at the Urban Zen Foundation

It's rainy in New York — maybe also where you are? — and  we all wish we were partying like rock stars in Austin at South by Southwest. Whatevs. New York yogis have at least two promising events to look forward to....

Starting this Wednesday evening, Eddie Stern will teach a weekly, led Astanga yoga class at Donna Karan's Urban Zen Center. Who's Eddie, and so what? Oh, grasshopper. In New York, Eddie is perhaps the staunchest keeper of the Ashtanga yoga flame, the designated representative of Ashtanga's founder, the late Sri Pattabhi Jois. Full cultural significance detailed after the jump, but suffice to say this is opening Wednesday, and it should be an interesting scene. Price of admission $20. 

Separate and unrelated: On Saturday, the Wanderlust crowd (please recall the annual Yoga Rock Festival in Lake Tahoe) are hosting a pre-festival, momentum gathering bash at Kula Yoga Project. Two hours of "tag team vinyasa classes" with the ever-popular Elena Brower and Schuyler Grant, among others, backed by a crowd of yogi musicians. Naturally, class will be followed by a game of late night Extreme Twister. It's kind of pricey at $40, but can you really price late night Extreme Twister? Also, you get in free if you buy a Wanderlust ticket, and some of the proceeds go to cool charities.


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How to Pick Up Marc Jacobs at the Gym

This week, Lorenzo Martone, fiancé of designer Marc Jacobs, told New York Magazine how they met. Both were patrons of the trendy Paris gym L’Usine Opéra (NYMag describes it as "the David Barton of Paris"). As the mag explains:

"One day at L’Usine Opéra, he and Jacobs...were running on neighboring treadmills. Martone invited Jacobs to go running with some friends in the Jardin du Luxembourg. 'He never actually came,' Martone says. 'But we kept in touch, saying hi.'"

And that, friends, is apparently how it's done. 

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Gwyneth's Tracy Anderson Bootleg Video

Last we checked in with Tracy Anderson, she was getting sued by her ex husband and breaking up with Madonna. Well, today begins the counter-offensive, courtesy of Gwyneth, who has rallied a crew of celebrity buddies — Courtney Cox, Donna Karan, and Kristen Davis, among others — to give Tracy testimonials in the latest issue of Goop. Gwyneth also includes the following down-homey video of Tracy demonstrating a Tracy workout; which workout, G. says, she "did every day preparing for Iron Man," and which apparently solved her "batwing problem." TMI?! The workout looks sort of sexy and fun. It also looks like Tracy is desperately trying to communicate, via erratic arm waving, with a visiting space alien. Given that she's got mirrors on all sides, that may not be far from the truth. Oh snap!

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Yogi Hits the Road: Dina Amsterdam in NYC

A friend emails to say Dina Amsterdam, voted best yoga teacher in San Francisco in 2007 (whatever exactly that means), is on tour in New York this weekend. Can we talk about the growing trend of "touring" yoga teachers?



Jennifer Aniston's Guru Launches Yogalosophy

Lest you doubt the bond between personal trainers and their disciples: The Post reports that Jennifer Aniston has rushed back from a stay in North Africa to host a DVD launch party in L.A. for her personal yoga teacher, Mandy Ingber. "Jen works out with Mandy up to five times a week, and they have become such great friends she even takes Mandy on vacation with her," says the Post's source. Oh, to be a celebrity trainer. Naturally, you've gotta have a gimmick. If Tracy Anderson has "accessory muscles," Mandy, who's sexy in a natural, salt-and-pepper hair kind of way, has "Yogalosophy," a "groundbreaking" workout that "pairs yoga poses with toning exercises that will get you into the best shape of your life while connecting your mind, body, and emotions." Jen does the introduction, and then you can choose either the 30 minute or "fully loaded" 55 minute workout. Available for just $29.95. Look, this is likely to be miles better than the Kim Kardashian workout DVD, and possibly a fab gift for your favorite yoga buddy with Friends obsession. See Mandy in hot Self video shoot after the jump.... (Via k.ben.)


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The Lebron Workout

Oh boy, Men's Health scores interview with NBA mega-superstar Lebron James, and they've created an eight page online feature detailing the non-basketball parts of his dailly workout. Here's the truth: In addition to being a comic genius, Lebron is a personal trainer's dream. There's nothing fancy or super macho here: Pull ups, push ups, some tough-looking core exercises on an exercise ball. (Does Gaiam make balls big enough for a guy 6'8" and 250?) No bench press, no Oympic clean and jerk. Nothing to wow the CrossFit set. Minus the part about doing squats on a vibrating platform, you could start this today. And if you aim to dunk this summer, you probably should....

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Vinnie Marino, King of L.A. Yoga

Belated shout out to our very own Deborah Shoeneman, who expanded her Social Workout reporting on L.A. yoga star Vinnie Marino into a profile for The Times' Style section this week. "A few other yoga teachers pack their classes," Deb writes, "but Mr. Marino ellicits a special kind of loyalty from his students and rewards them with some very tough love." She goes on to tell the full story of how Vinnie was a recovering drug addict, and going nowhere fast, when Grace Slick told him to teach yoga: "I'd rather take yoga from you than from some weird dude in a robe,"  Vinnie recalls Slick telling him. Now he packs them in, 90 (!) at a time, at various Yogaworks locations, and his students include "Heather Graham, Kate Hudson, David Duchovny, Jeremy Piven and Adrien Brody...." Among others.


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Yoga with Ginger Spice

DVD discovery of the day -- Geri Yoga. Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, paired up with yoga instructor Katy Appleton to make the video. To be clear, Geri isn't teaching, she's taking the class. This is sort of like hiring a ghost writer for your celebrity memoir, but maybe lamer. So, you get to watch Geri do yoga and chatter away whenever something strikes her fancy. If you're not into Ginger Spice, it's a drag, BUT if you're even a little amused by her, it's an entertaining two in one -- a decent beginners yoga workout, plus all the insights you've ever wanted into the effects of various poses on Geri's digestion. And, if you really love Geri, you're in luck -- there's a sequel.

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