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New York Yogis Write the Book on the Father of Ashtanga Yoga

Lunching today at the Union Square Chipotle, I spot a book in front of the man next to me. It's a big hardcover tome, with big lettering on the cover: Guruji. I stop on my way out, as I realize it's a book about Pattahbi Jois, the great Indian yoga teacher who died last year. "How's the book," I ask the man, and he nods enthusiastically. "Is it just out," I wonder? "Yes," he says, and we begin to chat.

It turns out I'm talking to Isaac Peña, the popular owner of Sankalpah Yoga studio, and the book was compiled by Guy Donahaye with Eddie Stern, who run two of New York's most respected Ashtanga studios. Being a great yoga teacher doesn not imply one is a great writer, I think to myself, but rush home to read the reviews online, of which there is, at this point, a grand total of one: A thoughtful-seeming Amazon reviewer has given the book five stars and calls it  "an invaluable source of anecdotes and impressions by the people who had their hands nearest to the fire."


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Hot Tickets: Wanderlust Previews and Eddie Stern at the Urban Zen Foundation

It's rainy in New York — maybe also where you are? — and  we all wish we were partying like rock stars in Austin at South by Southwest. Whatevs. New York yogis have at least two promising events to look forward to....

Starting this Wednesday evening, Eddie Stern will teach a weekly, led Astanga yoga class at Donna Karan's Urban Zen Center. Who's Eddie, and so what? Oh, grasshopper. In New York, Eddie is perhaps the staunchest keeper of the Ashtanga yoga flame, the designated representative of Ashtanga's founder, the late Sri Pattabhi Jois. Full cultural significance detailed after the jump, but suffice to say this is opening Wednesday, and it should be an interesting scene. Price of admission $20. 

Separate and unrelated: On Saturday, the Wanderlust crowd (please recall the annual Yoga Rock Festival in Lake Tahoe) are hosting a pre-festival, momentum gathering bash at Kula Yoga Project. Two hours of "tag team vinyasa classes" with the ever-popular Elena Brower and Schuyler Grant, among others, backed by a crowd of yogi musicians. Naturally, class will be followed by a game of late night Extreme Twister. It's kind of pricey at $40, but can you really price late night Extreme Twister? Also, you get in free if you buy a Wanderlust ticket, and some of the proceeds go to cool charities.


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Calm Your Mind

Gwyneth Vows to Meditate

Stick around the "wellness" world long enough, the world of athletes, nutrititonists, yogis, and spa-crazy bohemians, and you'll start to hear about meditation. That's not surprising, what's surprising is how many people — very different sorts of people — will say the same thing: "It changed my life." Several years ago, amazed at all the people I knew disappearing on ten day silent meditation retreats, I wrote a story for Fortune magazine on big time CEOs who mediate. (You'd be surprised who does!) Well, to the growing list, add Gwyneth Paltrow, who vows in her latest newsletter to pick up the habit. "My brain drives me mental," she writes. "I am going to start. Tomorrow."


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Link Love

Hashing, Jay-Z, Nitrates

  • Scandalous: People in DC run in kilts, then get wasted, reports the Washington PostThe author of French Women Don't Get Fat explains why you should cultivate a French distaste for the the gym. An exercise physiologist in the U.K. is speculating that fitness equipment makers deliberately design their machines to overestimate calories burned. But you didn't really believe 30 minutes of elliptical burned 700 calories, did you? 
  • Yoga: Jay-Z wants to take yoga. And he wants his friend, Chris Martin of Coldplay to teach him. Our intel tells us Chris Martin takes from Ashtanga yoga guru Eddie Stern in Soho, which means Martin is serious business. Good luck, Jay-Z.  The Los Angeles Times reports that "yin yoga," the kinder, gentler counterpart of sweat-centric "yang yoga" styles, is on the rise. Ready to hold a pose for 20 minutes? Yin yoga's for you.
  • Food: Nitrates (which are found in cured meats, among other foods) won't give you brain tumors, says a new study. Still not sure that means salami gets a free pass... Another new study shows that people who eat carbs like popcorn and cold cereal are likely to have lower body fat levels.


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Sunday Gathering

Remembering Guruji

Last month, Pattabhi Jois, seminal guru of Ashtanga yoga, died at age 93. On Sunday evening in New York, well upwards of 500 people crowded into Donna Karan's candlelit Urban Zen Center for a three hour memorial service to "Guruji." Many of New York's popular and enduring yoga teachers were there, and shared their memories of working with Jois, and visiting him in Mysore. The Hare Krishna cooked for the crowd, and an Indian musical group played. A lovely, unexpected scene for a Sunday evening in the West Village, and a reminder of how much the life of the body means, even to hardened urbanites, and of the difference a single teacher can make.

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Big, Fancy Benefit Alert

On Feb 25,  Bent on Learning, which brings yoga to New York's public schools, will host its Winter Fundraising Gala. Other than bringing stress relief to New York's kids, here's why some budding yogis might want to hit this thing: Among the hosts are many devoted students of yoga guru Eddie Stern, whose Soho studio is the New York outpost of the storied Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India. (Gwyneth! Mike D from the Beastie Boys! Lisa Edelstein from the TV show "House!") Stern is famously strict about whom he takes on: Since he already has way too many students, he will only teach people serious enough to practice a minimum of three times a week, and preferably six times, (which makes yoga seem like a part time job, albeit one that comes with community and fringe spiritual benefits.) Even if you're ready to go daily, though, Stern can be picky, so this benefit may be your ticket--literally--in the door.

After the jump: Our Brutally Short Explanation of Ashtanga Yoga. Where to Find Serious Teachers. The Invite.