Damn, they all look good in Iron Man 2!

Dayuuuuuuum, the Iron Man 2 cast looks good!

I knew seeing the highly anticipated action flick would be fitness inspiration!

There is something for everyone in this film, whether you like slim, beefy, sinewy or sturvy (strong and curvy.)


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Shiva Shuffled His Feet

Crash Test Yogi

There is a moment I look forward to every Monday night...it's the moment when yoga class starts and everyone gets all chanty together and the sound of deep connection fills the void in my life...err, space in the room. 

Last week the instructor, Susanna Harwood Rubin, briefly mentioned that there would be live musical accompaniment, which I didn't think about again until I walked into class at this week and was greeted by Brad, a shaggy haired, vaguely familiar looking guy holding a guitar. 

Well, when the chanting started I knew instantly why the familiarity. THAT voice. Unmistakeable: Brad is Brad Roberts, the lead singer of the Crash Test Dummies. He's the guy who had me singing "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" for most of sixth grade. Holy shit!


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Gwyneth's Tracy Anderson Bootleg Video

Last we checked in with Tracy Anderson, she was getting sued by her ex husband and breaking up with Madonna. Well, today begins the counter-offensive, courtesy of Gwyneth, who has rallied a crew of celebrity buddies — Courtney Cox, Donna Karan, and Kristen Davis, among others — to give Tracy testimonials in the latest issue of Goop. Gwyneth also includes the following down-homey video of Tracy demonstrating a Tracy workout; which workout, G. says, she "did every day preparing for Iron Man," and which apparently solved her "batwing problem." TMI?! The workout looks sort of sexy and fun. It also looks like Tracy is desperately trying to communicate, via erratic arm waving, with a visiting space alien. Given that she's got mirrors on all sides, that may not be far from the truth. Oh snap!

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Hot Weather

Top Juice Joint

Our very favorite place to cool off this summer is the Liquiteria, local health food joint on 11th Street and 2nd Avenue. It’s an amazing, breezy clean oasis that offers the most awesome fresh-squeezed juices. We typically go for either the famous cure-all, “Killer,” made from green apples, lemon and immuno booster; OR, the all-green juice of kale, spinach, celery, parsley and cucumber. While you're there, you can also buy fresh coconuts, sandwiches, raw food bars, soup, and eighty-dollar bags of bourgeois nut mix.

Pardon us for being so un-snarky, but we find it hard to be critical about the place. Next time you’re trolling the East Village during daylight hours, stop by and grab a Berry Powerful smoothie. Chances are you’ll run into a celebrity eating a tofu pop by the juice bar.

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try the grasshopper it is super refreshing...

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The Lebron Workout

Oh boy, Men's Health scores interview with NBA mega-superstar Lebron James, and they've created an eight page online feature detailing the non-basketball parts of his dailly workout. Here's the truth: In addition to being a comic genius, Lebron is a personal trainer's dream. There's nothing fancy or super macho here: Pull ups, push ups, some tough-looking core exercises on an exercise ball. (Does Gaiam make balls big enough for a guy 6'8" and 250?) No bench press, no Oympic clean and jerk. Nothing to wow the CrossFit set. Minus the part about doing squats on a vibrating platform, you could start this today. And if you aim to dunk this summer, you probably should....

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LA Detox/Tox

Tennis Anyone?

You don't need to join a country club to get a truly elitisit, elegant tennis experience in L.A. Just book a lesson at the storied Beverly Hills Hotel (aka the Pink Palace), where you always feel like a celeb, and usually spot at least one. At $35 for 30 min, or $75 for an hour, you get a great lesson and old school flourishes, like the orange slices in the icebox. After, go for drinks at the Polo Lounge or brunch by the gorgeous pool—jump in too, while you're at it. (It's a good one for laps). We'll let you in on one of L.A.'s open secrets: You can swim at almost any hotel pool, any time you want....


Big, Fancy Benefit Alert

On Feb 25,  Bent on Learning, which brings yoga to New York's public schools, will host its Winter Fundraising Gala. Other than bringing stress relief to New York's kids, here's why some budding yogis might want to hit this thing: Among the hosts are many devoted students of yoga guru Eddie Stern, whose Soho studio is the New York outpost of the storied Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India. (Gwyneth! Mike D from the Beastie Boys! Lisa Edelstein from the TV show "House!") Stern is famously strict about whom he takes on: Since he already has way too many students, he will only teach people serious enough to practice a minimum of three times a week, and preferably six times, (which makes yoga seem like a part time job, albeit one that comes with community and fringe spiritual benefits.) Even if you're ready to go daily, though, Stern can be picky, so this benefit may be your ticket--literally--in the door.

After the jump: Our Brutally Short Explanation of Ashtanga Yoga. Where to Find Serious Teachers. The Invite.