Swish Some Carbs and Breeze Through Bootcamp

Cool new discovery: During intense exercise, you don't have to drink a sports drink or chew carb gummis to get a boost. All you have to do is swish a carb solution around in your mouth, no swallowing or ensuing cramps necessary. Apparently, our brains can sense when carbs hit our mouths and responds by giving us an energy burst. It's not a sweetness things — it doesn't work with artificial sweeteners. It's not even a taste thing. Scientists have triggered this effect with tasteless carb solutions. It's a cool special carb sensing thing. (via the New York Times)


The Male-Female Exercise Physiology Divide

Earlier this week, we pointed to a new study that showed the formula for figuring out your target heart rate during exercise is different for women and men. The old formula relied on studies of men and assumed women were the same as men, just smaller. Turns out the same fallacy underlies a lot of exercise research. Yesterday, the New York Times pointed to a few notable studies highlighting what happens when instead of assuming women are like men, you actually measure them separately:


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My Experiments With Mid-Workout Chews, Goos, and Gummy Bears

I am one of those lucky folk who cannot even think about running, jumping, spinning, swimming, lifting, lunging, or squatting if I have eaten within approximately four hours of activity time. The combo of food and exercise has me yacking like a Catholic school girl let loose in Cancun. Lately I've upped my huffing and puffing time to 2+ hours, six days a week. (What can I say — I needed an after work project, and I ran out of Bones reruns). But thanks to the four hour food rule, I've been hitting a pretty regular wall about an 75 minutes in. I decided it was time for a caloric intervention.

I am not a marathon runner, but a friend who is suggested I start testing out mid-workout energy aids.  Here's the rundown of my experiments: 


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Localvore! Flog!

I stressed out about this for no reason. I get a farm share but was worried about protein and starchy carbs! So I went to City Feed and spent $15 on 6 eggs, 1 loaf of focaccia, some local salad dressing and some blue cheese.
I decided to drink fair trade coffee (my research indicated this was widely acceptable) and allowed a few other small non-local items (oil, salt, pepper).


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Help me get started?

I'm trying to figure out how to go low carb. My being vegan complicates things a bit. I'm doing my research, but I really could use some assistance. If you happen to stumble across this and have some pointers/recipes that you wouldn't mind sharing, it'd be much appreciated!

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Hashing, Jay-Z, Nitrates

  • Scandalous: People in DC run in kilts, then get wasted, reports the Washington PostThe author of French Women Don't Get Fat explains why you should cultivate a French distaste for the the gym. An exercise physiologist in the U.K. is speculating that fitness equipment makers deliberately design their machines to overestimate calories burned. But you didn't really believe 30 minutes of elliptical burned 700 calories, did you? 
  • Yoga: Jay-Z wants to take yoga. And he wants his friend, Chris Martin of Coldplay to teach him. Our intel tells us Chris Martin takes from Ashtanga yoga guru Eddie Stern in Soho, which means Martin is serious business. Good luck, Jay-Z.  The Los Angeles Times reports that "yin yoga," the kinder, gentler counterpart of sweat-centric "yang yoga" styles, is on the rise. Ready to hold a pose for 20 minutes? Yin yoga's for you.
  • Food: Nitrates (which are found in cured meats, among other foods) won't give you brain tumors, says a new study. Still not sure that means salami gets a free pass... Another new study shows that people who eat carbs like popcorn and cold cereal are likely to have lower body fat levels.


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19 - Bread and Circuses

And by "circuses" I mean running. Finished C25K Week 4! It wasn't horrible physically, and it was cooler and breezier out than Friday. But midway through I had a major "why I am I doing this?" episode. Which was silly, because by that time my options were (a) run it, or (b) walk it.

Workout Date: 
Sun, 05/10/2009 (All day)

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I wonder if Tyson was going without carbs when he said he'd eat Lenox Lewis' children...

I got new kungfu shoes so I can play Capoeira outside...

food log:
2 handfuls of almond, sunflower seed, dried cranberry and yellow raisin mix
greek yogurt with peaches
orange-carrot juice
banana-mango-strawberry-yogurt smoothie
small bowl of broccoli and american cheese


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Body of Work Recipe

Breakfast Fuel

Respect the breakfast. What goes into your first meal of the day after hours of fasting (a.k.a. sleep), can tell a lot about the day you'll have ahead. Craving a bagel-and-cream cheese, or a raspberry danish? I predict a morning of annoying phone calls, snippy emails, and drowsy meetings. Refined carbs and little protein in the ayem is asking for trouble. Keep your blood sugar balanced with a home-cooked bowl of fuel, however, and you won't get tired and grouchy. As we get ready for the B.O.W.C. tomorrow, here's a how-to for a better breakfast.  Call it Breakfast Fuel, and don't be scared off by the ingredient list. There are only six, and once you've got them, you can whip this up in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee...


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