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The Goldman Sachs Steam Room: Where the Big Deals Don't Happen

According to the old trope, all the important business happens in the locker room. That's where the boys hang out, steaming away half naked, with endorphins jangling, ready to commit serious capital. Well, if there's still any truth to the saying in this era of co-ed executive teams, private trainers and home gyms, then you might wonder which locker room today attracts the big swinging, um, power brokers. The Racquet and Tennis Club on Park Avenue, you say? Too obscurely WASPy. The Reebok Sports Club in midtown? All media glitz, no real capital. David Barton Chelsea? Come on, the Gays are not yet that powerful. What's that leave? Well, how about the new 54,000 square foot gym at 200 West Street, i.e. the in-house gym deep inside the worldwide headquarters of Goldman Sachs?

After a few months of sleuthing, our sources finally penetrated the inner sanctum of the most powerful bank on the planet. They attempted to blend in, while scanning the joint for unrepentant derivatives traders pumping themselves up with kettlebells to sell short some small European country. They examined the spin studio for signs of German electronica and thrash metal, and they spent long hours in the steam room waiting to hear something worthy of mention. The upshot?


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