Chokeberries May Help Regulate Weight, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol

Chokeberries (via NOAA)

Chokeberries have been enjoying a natural supplement renaissance, mostly because they're packed with antioxidants. But new research shows chokeberries may be more powerful than we thought. Scientists provided pre-diabetic rats with regular water or water spiked with chokeberry extract. After six weeks, the rats plied with chokeberry weighed less, had lower blood glucose, lower cholesterol, and lower plasma triglycerides, all alterations that lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Not exactly a human study, but still. Want to give chokeberries a try? Recipes after the jump.

Chokeberry Recipes:

FYI, you can straight up eat chokeberries, but they're bitter, which is why a syrup/jam/juice is usually the way to go.


Where do you find 'em?

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You can grow them yourself, try to track them down at the farmer's market, or track down juice or extracts at health food stores. There are some interesting online markets too -- sells chokeberry preserves...

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