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Screw Stopwatches, Swim Tracking Gets Sophisticated

Swim Race (via evoo73)

Lance Armstrong whispers sweet nothings in your ear when you run courtesy of Nike + iPod. But what about swimmers? Don't they need in-ear encouragement? Enter the AvidaMetrics system. You strap incredibly light weight sensors to your wrists and ankles and one to your head, which is also connected to an ear bud. As you swim, the system zaps data on your pace, stroke count, stroke tempo, distance per stroke, basically everything, to a laptop on the pool deck.

Your coach — oh, we forgot to mention you need a human coach — then looks at the data and gives you feedback, which you hear through your ear bud, as you continue swimming. So yes, at this point, the system is for elite swimmer, and so far, the University of Michigan's swim program is the only team with the system in place. But here's betting this opens the door to swim tracking technology for the rest of us. Someday soon, I just know that Michael Phelps is going to deliver underwater, in-ear congratulations to me on my excellent kick tempo. (via The Outside Blog)