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Gravity Bar (via gofit)

Who's into TRXSoldiers. Pilates guru Kristin McGee. Superbowl MVP Drew Brees. In sum, a whole lotta people. It goes everywhere and helps mightily with your plans to become super buff. The TRX Pro Pack rings up at $189. Not bad for a whole body training system, but not free either. Still not free, but $90 cheaper: the Gravity Bar suspension system. It's basically a TRX knock-off, but in addition to being cheaper, it apparently has a few other advantages. Fit Bottomed Girls tested it out, and they've got this to say:

"Well, it comes with different handles and straps than the TRX, which is great for making different moves more comfortable. And—here’s the big one—you can actually shorten the straps enough that you can do full pull-ups and leg raises to target the abs. Um, yeah, very cool. The only downside to this is that it’s larger and less portable than the TRX, and the bar can leave permanent indentations in the wood door frame."

Whether the $90 savings is worth unstated dollars of door frame damage may just depend on how observant your landlord is. But comfy handles sound very nice.


of course you have to write about TRX the one day krystal told me i couldn't take it (for my own good-she doesn't want me to be sore for my race sunday, but i really wanted to go...)

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Hey Fraida...guess who's on Social Workout now!!!  LOL!!!!  Yay me!!!

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oops. i better watch what i say now.

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