Live from L.A.

In the Future Your Yoga Will be Televised

Yogis Anonymous!

We've seen the future of group fitness, friends, and it's called live video streaming. All the convenience of DVDs and regular streaming classes, but LIVE. Like, happening, now; and with real people, in a real classroom. Who wants live when you can have "on demand," you ask? Not to panic, you can have both! Sometimes you'll stream on your own schedule, but sometimes it might be nice to know that you're not sweating away alone in your living room, you're sweating away with those people on the screen, and with thousands of other people alone in their living rooms. Naturally, hipster yogis in L.A. are at the front of the trend.

Yogis Anonymous, a grassrootsy, donation-based yoga studio in Santa Monica started offering free, live streaming classes last month, and it claims have reached 10,000 students on four continents. Curious? The next free class is scheduled for this Sunday at 12 P.M. (PST). Meanwhile, just down the boardwalk, has fitted out a gleaming made-for-TV yoga studio. (Greenscreen meets Krishnamurti!) If you show up physically at YogaGlo, class is free; while virtual yogis pay $18 a month for unlimited access. Oh boy, YogaDownload is so 2009!