Angry Bikers to Descend on White House

NYPD Bikes (via

Seen this morning on Houston Street, along the route of Obama's motorcade to Cooper Union: NYPD officers unceremoniously clipping bike locks and loading bikes into the back of a truck to be hauled away. Ostensible explanation: Secret bike pipe bombs. All the bike owners who hadn't actually packed their bikes with explosives, probably not so happy. Though maybe as part of "Let's Move," Michelle will be sending them each a new, pimped out ride. (via Llaves via Gothamist via This is FYF). 


They should have posted notices stating that bikes could not be locked up for security reasons - if they didn't I hope they get sued, this is bullshit. It's ridiculously hard to find safe bike parking without having to worry about the NYPD stealing your ride....

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