Your Job is Making You Fat, and Eating Better Won't Help

Panic (via star5112)

American workers who are chronically stressed and sedentary are overwhelmingly overweight. No news there. But a new study shows that diets rich in fruits and vegetables do little to offset the negative health effects of chronic stress and being chained to a desk. Terrible! Though there is a glimmer of hope.

The research, which looked at close to 3,000 workers in upstate New York, found that exercise was the key to managing stress and keeping a healthy weight. Also, not watching TV when you get home every night. Also, having a workplace wellness program that does more than just tell you to try to be healthier. The programs that were most successful actually addressed organizational structure to reduce stress in the workplace. Start rallying your company to spring for treadmill desks!


Yes, that is pretty depressing! The treadmill desk is probably not happening for most of us, but perhaps taking some work-related reading down to the office gym (or your home treadmill if you're lucky enough to be able to work at home sometimes)?

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