Super Simple Goji Juice

Goji Berries (via miheco)

Dried goji berries are subtle, sweet, high in antioxidants, and great at helping balance out blood sugar levels. I love mixing them with nuts, adding them to tea, mixing them in with salad, throwing them in organic goat milk yogurt, or blending them into smoothies. But "Goji Juice" may be my very favorite use of them. It's a basic goji-berry-infused water, but the berries give the water a pretty pink color and a gentle sweetness, and I'm nourishing my body. Goji Juice is a great base for smoothies, salad dressings, and all sorts of other creative kitchen concoctions too. Here's the recipe.

Get this:


  • Nice big glass container/pitcher
  • Spring or filtered water
  • Three or so handfuls of goji berries


Do this:


  • Fill pitcher with water
  • Add goji berries
  • Put in fridge and let it chill
  • When pouring into your glass or a water container for the day, use a strainer so you just get the juice. You can throw the goji berries back in the pitcher.


One big pitcher will last you through the week. I usually refill the pitcher with water once it's about half empty. After that, I drink it till it's gone. In addition to being delicious, drinking homemade Goji Juice from a reusable glass pitcher/bottle is so much more environmentally friendly than drinking flavored water from a plastic bottle.


I would buy goji berries b/c they were healthy but never enjoyed eating them b/c they were hard and not fulfilling UNTIL someone taught me to put it in the pot while making my steel cut oats - NOW they are a delicious topping to my oatmeal.

ALSO, when I was in CO I found fresh goji berries!!!  Un-dried - we're talkin' fresh, plump, DELICIOUS gojis!!!!  Would love to find them locally!!

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