Eleventh Hour DIY Finish

I know I'm finishing this feat by the skin of my teeth, but here it is -- I actually finished cooking about an hour ago, but taking pictures and blogging it has taken me a bit longer! 

My final new-to-me recipes:

Tempeh Chili con Frijoles and Vegan Cornbread!

Giving myself the DIY feat of making three new recipes a week definitely pushed me to my limits. It took a lot of extra planning, last-minute ingredient trips to the grocery store, and taste testers for all my new treats. But I managed it, and I think the chili I made for this last effort is probably the best recipe I found. YUM.

And I'm determined to keep it up! I will not get into another winter kitchen slump in which I make spaghetti squash with pasta sauce and spinach every night for two months. No way, I am going to keep leafing through my cookbooks and challenging myself to try new things. I've been pleasantly surprised all month, so I expect more great results from here on out... Thanks SW!

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Once again, I'm salivating over your food pix! So impressed that you're accomplishing all this. (Hope your new year's wound is healing ok)

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