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Gwyneth Vows to Meditate

Gwyneth! (Via Wikimedia.)

Stick around the "wellness" world long enough, the world of athletes, nutrititonists, yogis, and spa-crazy bohemians, and you'll start to hear about meditation. That's not surprising, what's surprising is how many people — very different sorts of people — will say the same thing: "It changed my life." Several years ago, amazed at all the people I knew disappearing on ten day silent meditation retreats, I wrote a story for Fortune magazine on big time CEOs who mediate. (You'd be surprised who does!) Well, to the growing list, add Gwyneth Paltrow, who vows in her latest newsletter to pick up the habit. "My brain drives me mental," she writes. "I am going to start. Tomorrow." To her credit, Gwyneth has gotten three "experts" to write thoughtfully about meditation, including David Lynch (famously around the bend about Transcendental Meditation), and Eddie Stern, guru-in-chief of New York's astanga yoga scene. The mediatations on meditation are long, but well written and worth a browse for those whose brains are driving them mental....


I used to work for one of the silicon valley CEOs mentioned in your article.  Having a leader who "gets it" is a big benefit - we had free yoga in the office, massages during release week, and aforementioned CEO often invited his "gurus" to business meetings to help him make decisions.  (i now work for a wellness company in new york, but i have to cross town to get my yoga)

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And here I thought myself a fruit loop for giving meditation a try.

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whoa, spindig, you are not a fruit loop for meditating.  now, if you only did it because Gwyneth did, well, maybe.  but not for wanting to meditate.

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I have read so many benefits of meditation. It's so difficult to make it a daily practice.  I just try to be really present when I walk around NYC - pay attention to things, leaves, birds, etc....

A walking meditation.

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Would love to hear about where you work.  DYING to work for a "wellness" company.  

Just realized that may be TMI - for you???

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