Pink Gloves, Super Squats, and Cookie Diet Lawsuits

Pink Gloves (via amazon)
  • What's the workout of the decade? Lots of people say pole dancing. Hamilton Nolan of Gawker says Super Squats
  • The Cookie Diet people are suing Kim Kardashian for her derogatory tweets about their diet.
  • Two college football players started Pink Gloves Boxing — no contact, no ring, all women, pink gloves — in Anaconda, Montana, reports NPR, and it's slowly creeping to gyms around the country.
  • You only need about twenty minutes of exercise a week to see benefits in your mental health, reports the New York Times. To stave off early death, walking two and a half hours a week (or similar cardiovascular exercise) should do the trick. 
  • New research shows that despite the claims of Ginko biloba supplement makers, the herbal treatment doesn't do anything to slow cognitive decline.