Cardiovascular Intelligence and Chocolate Directives

Soy Milk (via silksoymilk)
  • A new study shows that cardiovascular fitness makes young men smarter. Old men out of luck.
  • Testosterone may have gotten a bad rap. Subjects in a recent study who were given small doses of testosterone didn't exhibit aggressive or risky behavior. In fact, they acted more "fairly." 
  • The National Cancer Institute says the estrogen-mimicking proteins in soy won't cause cancer recurrence in breast cancer survivors. So soy lattes are back in business. 
  • The EU's "Chocolate Directive," which requires all chocolate with more than 5% vegetable fats other than cocoa butter to be labeled as inferior, is finally being adopted as an international standard. Plenty of sad, American chocolate products have already been labeled as merely "chocolatey" for years, but perhaps there's further demoting for Hershey's is on the way?   


Speaking of Silk, I noticed their "new packaging/same great taste."

Did anyone else notice what's missing from their new packaging? The words "organic."  So apparently Silk Soymilk is no longer organic. They do now have a special "Organic" marked variety with a big green label, which oddly was the same price at Whole Foods. My guess is they're gonna eventually charge more for the organic.

This is why I always buy Zen Soy now.

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