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Skyr Vs. Fage: Yogurt Deathmatch

Siggi's (via skyr)

All yogurts are not created equal. Some are champion snacks or even meals, and others are sugar-soaked goop. One serving of my childhood favorite, Western Family lowfat blueberry yogurt, contains 44g of sugar, versus 9g in an equally if not more delicious serving of Total Fage. So no more Western Family for me. Which brings us to the topic at hand: yogurts' nutritional content, specifically high-end, thick-style yogurts. 

We're crazy for Siggi's Skyr here at Social Workout. It's outrageously smooth and not too sweet. Plus, Siggi is a towering Icelandic god of a man, and Skyr (a.k.a. Icelandic style yogurt) is low in fat and high in protein. Siggi's is also locally sourced and hormone free. Sassletic loves it. I'm eating one right now. 

On the Greek side of things, we don't know Athanassios Filippou, the fellow who founded Fage back in 1926, but he seems alright. Fage's texture is a pillowy delight. A quick glance at the label says high protein, low fat. And Total Fage is also hormone free (though not locally sourced, for those keeping track). Elna Baker is obsessed with Greek yogurt, and gotigers2003 swears by Greek and Greek alone. And I ate one yesterday.  

So, nothing left but to do a nutrition label face off. Here, the 6 oz. nutrition labels for your consideration: Skyr (Plain) and Fage.

The important stuff:

  • Calories: Skyr, 100; Fage, 90
  • Fat: Skyr, 0; Fage, 0
  • Sugars: Skyr, 4g; Fage, 6.8g
  • Protein: Skry, 17g; Fage, 15g

Iceland wins! Though of course that's not factoring in which goes better with granola...


i prefer the 2% anyways. HMPH.

msh258's picture

The Siggi yogurt I had at the celebration may have ruined me for other yogurts forever.  I will almost certainly be picking some up the next time I hit Whole Foods.

zuzupetals's picture

I'm a Fage fan but have never had Skry...Can you get it somewhere other than Whole Foods?

syrupandhoney's picture

I'm against no fat yogurt, thus a Fage whole milk fan.

I love the taste of the Icelandic brands, but I think it's a waste to use milk from grass fed cows that is lowfat.  You miss a lot of nutrients that way.

sandyliz's picture

i like it all - although i prefer chobani over fage.  skyr is actually a type of soft cheese (weird, but true).  my dad makes it at home; it's just three ingredients: skim milk, vegetarian rennet, and the starter culture.  way too much effort for me, but he likes experimenting with these types of things :)

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I'm with Sandyliz, nonfat yogurt is the pits. It can't touch a 4% creamy, full fat yogurt - mmmm....

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I tried a Siggi Skyr from Fairway a couple of months ago (grapefruit) and haaaaaaaated it.  I am a devotee of greek yogurt, though.  I'm still trying to figure out the most economical option--I've been obsessed with Trader Joe's single-serving pomegranate and honey tubs, but TJ is harder to get to where I live now, so I tried buying a big tub of Fage and portioning it into tupperware, but that oddly didn't really save money.  Anybody got any tips on another brand to try?

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I love them both for different reasons...siggis is fun for just yogurt because of the yummy flavors, while fage i always pair with something like honey, berries, granola, dried fruit- since it's plain yogurt. I already disputed this with Sandy in person, but the yogurt is thick and creamy and rich in protein, so why eat whooping grams of fat with it. I usually have a portion that would wind me up with normal fage of 20grams of fat. That's serious grams of fat. Trader Joe's makes a great Greek Yogurt brand that I love that is cheaper. I can't eat normal yogurt anymore. It's so slimy!

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Who knew the fat content of yogurt could be such a touchy subject?

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Siggis for when I want yogurt.  Fage as a condiment (on potatoes with dill? mmm)

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In 2008 Fage USA opened a production plant in upstate New York that's about the same distance from the city as Siggi's, so rejoice - Fage is just as locally sourced as Siggi's. 

I like both Fage and Siggi, but usually buy Fage just because it's available in more places around me.  I often have lentil soup and a container of Fage 2% for lunch - holds me over a long long time.

I'm not a fan of Fage 0% by itself though - I think it has a slightly chalky aftertaste on its own, so I use it in recipes where yogurt is a contributing player. 

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I love OIKOS plan Greek's organic....which is so importnat when it comes to dairy!

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Full-fat lovers, I just experimented with a new type of yogurt, which was absolutely delicious: Liberte Mediterranee. The french vanilla wasn't over-sweetened and the whole thing was insanely creamy. 245 calories and 14g of fat in a mere six ounces, but absolutely luscious. 

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Syrupandhoney: Not sure where you live, but I found siggi's skyr at my local Wegmans right next to the Fage Greek yogurt.

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