The Pill and iPods will Kill You. Mararthon Running Will Not.

Norton and Massai Running Buddy (via jezebel)


whoa! that protein thing is interesting.  But did we need a study about the cereal marketing?  That's like starting a study to prove Budweiser is marketed to men.

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The protein thing is interesting. I've actually recently been thinking about how I get up much earlier than ever before and it's weird that I manage to get myself up for morning workouts. Seems to confirm this since I've become a protein eating machine...

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woah, Charity, you forgot the coolest part!


pairs you up with someone of a differing genetic disposition to ensure you'll like their smell, have hot sex, and decrease chance of miscarriage!


BUT if you're on the pill, you'll totally reject your preferred pairing and go for someone genetically similar to you!


(this is scary because it explains why my sex life is dismal whenever I date a girl who goes on the pill.)


science is hawt.

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I think my biggest gripe with the juice fast (and the reason I was exhausted for the duration of it) was that I didn't get any protien. I've managed to transform myself to protien over carbs during the past year. I find it's pretty filling - what's a better alternative if you're not eating a meal based around that?

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stop dissing the pill! it prevents cervical cancer. your heart probs will be bad if ya smoke though...but smoking is just plain trouble for your health anyways. damn i miss cigs.

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since when does the pill prevent cervical cancer?


either way, it sounds like to me limiting the genetic variations of offspring is a good way to end the species. all bc you don't want bad "cramps."


down with the pill!


(please note this post was entirely derived from my sarcasm and not my chauvenism, which I tend to keep tucked away until I am among my boys or on my 2nd date)

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The pill is a mixed bag - if it does really prevent cervical cancer (never heard that one) but has also been linked with breast cancer, long term metabolic problems, depression,and isn't terrible good for the environment (the hormones come out in urine and have caused endocrine disruption in fish). For some people it's great, especially if you have terrible periods or acne. It made me fat, sad, and naseous. Personally, I'm against fooling around with anything hormonal. I'd go for an IUD before the pill...

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