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Parkour Now Available After Yoga Class

This just in on the NYC gym wire: Equinox is offering workshops in parkour, courtesy of something called the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation. Please recall that parkour is an amazing, totally organic urban extreme sport/dance that came out of the French banlieue a decade ago, and which you can now see on television commercials or in the opening sequence of James Bond movies. Doing parkour in a high end New York gym with high end New York gym-goers is a little like filming The Deadliest Catch on the Boat Pond in Central Park. That said, break dancing started in the 'hood too, and now hip hop dance classes rock nearly every gym or legit dance studio. Urban body culture can and should go mainstream, despite many of us feeling initially silly about it. SO, bring on the WFPF, (created last year by a group of parkour athletes, and a team of Emmy-winning extreme sports TV producers/inner city youth organizers with MTV connections). Underground sports sells out? Whatever, check out following video of WFPF kids arriving in New York for their Equinox gig:

Oh, building scaffolding, here we come. Want to learn how to do that? Deets after jump. The second workshop (the last one was last night) is being held this Saturday at 12:30 P.M. at Equinox Columbus Avenue. Unclear who's invited, but I suspect Equinox members in good standing (or lucky holders of free three-day trial memberships) have a decent shot.


what? me!!! von Hottie wants to go!!!! I'm a traceuse!

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videos like these make me have low self esteem.

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