food log

I figured I might as well start my food log today too. It seemed like the other manageable challenge to begin on day one, when day one is a Thursday.

So here's the report:

Food Log 10/01/09

6-7am 1 1/2 bottles of water (Kleen kanteen size)

9am I packet kashi go lean oatmeal made with water with raisins and
walnuts, small glass of milk, 2 cups (estimate) fresh pineapple chunks

12pm black coffee 16 oz and large organic honeycrisp apple

1:15pm spinach salad with lemon tofu, edamame, roasted butternut
squash, artichoke hearts, and cranberries. No dressing

5:30pm 1bag snyders old time pretzels 240 calories

7:30pm one small glass of wine (like Dixie cup sized)

Not too bad. Aside from the fact that my dinner was at 5:30 and came from the vending machine at my office. Classy. But I had a party where the had only alcohol (but I was good and only had one ridiculously small glass of wine). And I knew that I would be home after 9pm, which is the cut off for late night eating.

There was also lots of water drinking today, but I other than the water during my am workout it was too steady to log.