ESB - Day 1

So I have already marked off a few of the challenges/feats that I plan on doing (well, the ones I figure I'll be able to accomplish with ease) and I am getting excited.

morning - 2 small homemade Apple muffins, 1 small Mocha, 2 Omega+glow vitamins
Afternoon - Sandwich (Multi-grain bread, mayo, pepper, cheddar cheese, lettuce), water, orange juice
Supper - water, veggie stir-fry (potato, carrot, cauliflower, banana pepper, red pepper, ginger, an assortment of sauces [black bean, lemon juice, Sriracha, blended sesame oil, soya sauce, and hoisin... I think that is all of them, as you can tell I went for the blend-everything-together approach]), a chunk of Green & Blacks Almond Milk Chocolate

That's all for now

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