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Yoga Regulation Battle Sweeps the Beltway

Yoga Dogs! (Via The Swanky Pup.)

The governement rush to regulate yoga has found its way inside the beltway! Reports The
Washington Post
: Virginia-area yogis are organizing to resist a decree by the State Council of Higher Education which would require state certification of yoga teacher training programs. Please to recall that New York yogis have thusfar successfully fought off similar regulation, thanks in part to unflattering media coverage. The Virginia plan would involve "a $2,500 fee, audits, annual charges of at least $500 and a pile of paperwork."  Naturally, VA yogis are saying the fees are onerous, and, among other strategies, they've launched a Facebook page to fight back. Frankly, we're beginning to feel sympathetic to the regulators. They're not tactful, but there is a sort of logic to their argument: If ballroom dancing and massage therapy require certification, why not yoga? But when you start to compare yoga to dog grooming, Horseshoeing School, and Jiggers Bartending School -- as they've done -- well, you're asking for trouble.

Bottom line: We're totally free market on this one (as are, ironically, those lefty Capitol-area yogis). Yoga students can determine better than the state government whether a given teacher training program is legit. Adding another layer of bureacracy -- of the sort I imagine just now plaguing dog grooming schools -- is unecessary. Off to friend the VA teachers on Facebook.