Work Through It?

Exercising with the Swine Flu

Sick Girl (Via Riot Jane.)

Maybe this nutty climate -- the temperature swings, the damp, the maxed out A/C -- has given you the sniffles. Is it a summer cold, the swine flu, or that last strawberry mojito? More to the point: Should you exercise through it, or hit couch and dial up the last five seasons of Lost? RunningRudy was talking up the virtues of the workout cure, and we decided to check his math. Experts say if your symptoms are strictly "above the neck," (i.e. sore throat, headache, stuffy nose), light exercise can be a help. At a minimum, it'll get you moving and clear your congested head. There's some disagreement, however,  as to whether the activity will actually speed recovery. But at least some doctors argue it will: "Exercise raises our body temperature which then allows oxygen to be more bio-available for our immune system to utilize and kill whatever pathogen is ailing us," writes KitchenTableMedicine. Sounds plausible to us. All that said, if your symptoms are below the neck, (fever, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea), skip the workout. (Please.)  Your body needs all the energy it can muster to fight off the bugs. Finally, in addition to your exercise strategy, all other common sense remedies apply: Fluids, chicken soup, Vitamin C, and plenty of sleep....


Where do I get one of those Strawberry Mojitos?

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