Read More, Eat Better

Engine 2 Diet

This week's reading list comes from Skwigg -- meat eating, weight lifting, body conscious blogger
-- who has gone vegan, apparently thanks to two books:

  • The China Study, came out in 2005 and examines the
    relationship between eating animal products and illnesses such as
    cancer and diabetes. Writes Skwigg about the research: "I'm not talking about something sponsored by a supplement company and involving eight rats or fifteen fat guys. The China Study was a monumental survey of disease and death rates for 880 million people. The project was so big, it involved 650,000 workers." Not sure what the rest of the world has to say about the book, but we're ordering it. 
  • The Engine 2 Diet, which brieflly hit the Time's "Hardcover Advice" list last month, tells the story of an Austin firehouse that has gone vegan to save one of its crew from a likely heart attack. Now they're celebs: Read the blog, order the book. Ideal for Father's Day.