First Guns

FIrst Guns ( First Guns. Written from the point of view of Michelle Obama's arms. Actually, quite well written, in fact, very tongue-in-cheek, and probably not the worst way to keep up with the First Lady. Here are the Guns on meeting the Queen:

Of course, Michelle performed perfectly, charming everyone with that blend of formality and accessibility that the Obamas do so well. Her one supposed faux pas, when we touched Her Royal Highness, was a warm response to the Queen’s overture and was recieved as such. And you know what? We are glad we did it!

Thanks to That's Fit for the link, and recalling the People interview where Michelle talks about her workout routine, and (attention B.O.W.C.) the President's:

Six days a week, he also never misses a workout. "For Barack, exercise is even more important for his sort of structure than for me. I can skip a workout. I can go for days without going into a gym, quite frankly," she says, laughing. "He really can't."