Tracy is Coming

Gwyneth, Tracy, Madonna (via The Guardian)

Please to recall that Gwyneth started a weekly lifestyle webzine several months back called Goop, as in: "Nourish the inner aspect." Well, the tag line's not bad. Anyway, the New Year's edition included this: "In January 2007 I decided I’d had enough of my saddlebags and post-pregnancy Shar-Pei-like stomach. I met an incredible woman who changed my life. Her name is Tracy Anderson. She is a dancer, a trainer, an 'organic plastic surgeon' as my friend Julia calls her....Right now she is on tour with Madonna so I do a lot of video chat with her and I do her DVDs...."

Well, don't get stuck on the ambiguous reference to Julia, or the cosy celebrity-email-BFF vibe, we've got follow up news for you via The Guardian: "The first Tracy Anderson Method Studio opens in New York's Tribeca this month, with later openings planned for Europe (including London), Asia and Australia." How true is this? Tracy has placed an ad on Craigslist seeking people to join her "elite core" of private trainers. (Forgive her for being overly focused on cores, and not corps.) "Candidates Must Have Expansive Dance Backgrounds or Group Exercise and Private Training/Pilates Experience....Please Bring Headshot/Resume and be Prepared to Dance. "

Move over Physique57!


"Well, the tag line's not bad."

Too Funny! A friend of mine bought her DVDs and I hope to check them out soon. She said that they are really hard to follow!

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